Alpha and Food

I had an empty weekend, meaning, I had no plans to meet up with anyone, and that’s fine by me. I ended up relaxing, anyway! I started my weekend on Friday night by going to the main branch of the Alpha store in Namdaemun. This store is a four-story heaven full of stationery merchandises and art supplies. Paper, pens, markers, notebooks, paints . . . you name it, this store has practically everything. I’d been to this store once a few years ago, but I never really had any reason to come back until now because I was on a hunt for some Apica notebooks. Well, that was my goal, but Alpha did not carry any Apica merchandises :(

Alpha store purchases

Instead, I got me two generic Korean notebooks (2,000 won = $2 USD each), a Rhodia notebook (3,500 won = $3.50 USD), 3-pack Moleskine Cahiers notebooks (17,600 won = $17.60 USD), a pack of 12 of my favourite pens (4,800 won = $4.80 USD), and a pack of 5 correction tapes (5,500 won = $5.50 USD). I couldn’t believe that Moleskine notebooks are super expensive compared to Amazon, but I guess it’s because the notebooks are imported.

Malaysian Fried Noodles

Afterwards, I decided to go to “Silence of the Lamb”, this new gastropub that opened up in my neighbourhood, a gastropub that specialises in lamb dishes. I am not a big lamb fan, so I opted to get their Malaysian fried noodles. I really liked it; the sauce they used was great, and I really liked how they used cilantro in the dish. I am not sure if I like the price of 12,500 won ($12.50 USD), but I guess it’s okay if I get it in once in a while.

Bloody Mary at Noxa Lounge

On Saturday, I decided to for a walk. But before that, I stopped by Noxa Lounge to have me some bloody mary. I am not a fan of tomatoes, but I like Noxa’s bloody mary, so I decided to fulfill a craving. Then I walked for 7km (4.35 miles) to Bogwang-dong area and then came back to my neighbourhood.

And that was my weekend, with Sunday being my “bum day” where I stay home and do not leave!


  1. Sounds like you had a relaxing afternoon, that’s a nice distance to walk! Hooray for bum days though, that’s currently what my Sunday is like. :D

  2. I’ve never heard or seen Apica notebooks before. Interesting. I love moleskine notebooks, but I never finish them (except their planner). It’s like I’m too intimidated to write in them. And they’re expensive, especially when there are so many other cheaper notebooks out there that I want to try.

  3. It sounds like you had a busy Saturday, and I hope that your Sunday was very relaxing. I definitely need to have a relaxing day myself, but that’s for another day. :) I’ve never heard of Apica notebooks, and I’ve never used a Moleskine notebook before – I refuse to spend the amount of money they want on something that I’ll end up throwing away eventually. Sure, I could use them for journals – but I already have a half dozen of those that I don’t use. Oops! Sorry, went off topic, the Malaysian Fried Noodles looks super yummy. I’m starting to become more interested in food…or re-interested, I should say. I’ve also never had a Bloody Mary before…it looks super yum though. I’m not a big alcohol drinker…unless yours was made without alcohol?

  4. I’m glad to hear that you got some relaxation time! Especially with all of the events happening for the past few weeks!

    The Alpha store sounds like stationery heaven! Especially since there are 4 floors of it! I have never heard of anything that big! Especially here since at the most, we get 2 or 3 floors owned by big retailers like Nordstorm or Bloomingdales. Even though you didn’t find what you wanted, you still got some nice goodies there! Moleskine is indeed expensive! As much as I love notebooks, I would avoid them because of the price.

    The fried noodles looks delicious! Foods that are $12.50++ here would typically be served in the slightly-upscale restaurants. The bloody mary drink sounds good :D. Is this the one that has alcohol in it? And go you for walking the distance!

    Take care :D

  5. Agent Q on

    What an eventful Saturday! The best part is you still managed to incorporate some long-distance stroll. The amount of exercise you get from that really adds up, even though it was just a walk. I’m proud of you! What a reminder for me to get back on track. I slacked off and skipped 2 days of gym as a result of a bum day Sunday and a busy, music-filled Saturday. I suppose after the “rest weekend,” I will have recovered and be ready for weeks of workouts again. :)

  6. The Alpha store sounds like my kind of place. I’m a little bit of a stationary addict! I’ve been meaning to buy I Moleskine for a while now but they aren’t cheap for what they are.

    Haha, “bum day”. Such a great term! Now I’ve finished my exams everyday is a bum day! :P

  7. I love relaxing weekends :) That store sounds huge! I would spend a lot of time in something like that, haha. The noodles dish you got also looks yummy. Sounds like a nice weekend overall!

  8. Jenn~ on

    OMG, that store sounds AMAZING! I would love it, lol. I LOVE stationary supplies so much. That Bloody Mary looked good until I found out it was a Bloody Mary, lol. I don’t like tomatoes in drinks at all.

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