It’s Been One Week

Since April 18, I’ve been running around occupied with work and meeting friends. It was fun and all, but now I’m exhausted! I’m just so glad I am not working tomorrow (Saturday) like the last two Saturdays I had to work . . .

My adventure in work and school can be broken down into the following:

April 18 (Friday): I met Momipie in my neighbourhood, and we went to Son’s Kitchen to have some Korean food. I am glad I finally met her since I didn’t have the chance when she visited Korea last time! I had a blast talking to her about our common interests (animes and mangas).

April 19 (Saturday): I had to work at the Community Easter Egg Hunt. Afterwards, I met up with Tessa, and we went to the Leeum Samsung Museum of Art. This is my second visit to the museum. During my first visit, I’d miss this cool stairwell, but this time I noticed it and took a picture of it. Then we had refreshment at Bricklane. Their cheesecake was fabulous.

Stairwell at Leeum Samsung Museum of Art Bricklane in Seoul

April 22 (Tuesday Morning): My co-worker and I went to Dongdaemun Toy Alley so I could buy toys and goodies for the goodie bags I needed for this one programme I am in charge of. That alone was an adventure since it took us like 30-minutes to get parking and then I had to quickly choose fun items and then lug them all back to our workplace.

Dongdaemun Toy Alley Goodie Bags

April 22 (Tuesday Evening): I met the infamous Amanda Chan! She and her fiance came to my area, and I took them to Sonmali Kimbap, Chansbros Coffee shop, and then we had churros! I had a lovely time with her. I am really glad I got to meet her.

April 23 (Wednesday): I met Bunny-unnie, and we tried this Thai restaurant called Chang Surin, a super small place, but with delicious Thai food. Then we checked out this new cafe in her area called Cafe Hooamdong.

Thai food at Chang Surin Grapefruit ade at Cafe Hooamdong Tiramisu cake at Cafe Hooamdong

April 24 (Thursday): After visiting the hospital, I went to Zelen, a Bulgarian restaurant in Hannam-dong, to try their special Polish food event. My friend, who is Polish, and I ordered the zurek (soup), the placki ziemniaczane z gulaszem (beef/mushroom stew with potato pancakes), and the pierogi z borowkami (blueberry dumplings). They were all delicious! I especially liked the zurek, and the potato pancakes were divine. I only wished this wasn’t a limited deal!

Polish food at Zelen in Hannam-dong

April 25 (Friday): Remember the goodie bags I prepared on Monday? The party for that was today. The kids and their parents got free pizza, punch, and ice cream. Who wouldn’t like that?

Power Hour Party Power Hour Party


  1. It sounds like you have been keeping yourself busy with things for the past couple of weeks! Hurray for having a Saturday off :). It’s so cool to meet online people in person. I’m glad to hear that you had a great time talking about the things you like :D. The drinks and cheesecake looks delicious! The spiral stairwell looks so trippy! I would probably get dizzy from looking at it in person XD. There are a lot of toys in that alley! Hopefully the kids like their goodie bags! All of the food you have there looks yummy! I think it’s so cool how your town has all sorts of food from different parts of the world. Have you tried shawarma yet? :D. With pizza, I’m sure the kids enjoyed their party.

    Take care and hope you’re well rested for another adventure-filled week!!

  2. Lovely to meet you too xx

  3. Sounds like you had a busy week! That toy alley looks so cool. I’m sure the kids LOVED all the goodies you picked out. And pizza, yum!

  4. Sounds like another busy week for you! All of the food looks yummy :) The Polish food is especially interesting to me because I don’t have much experience with that cuisine.

    That’s nice that you prepared goodie bags for the kids! Looks like you had to get a lot of stuff!

    I hope you got a chance to relax a bit :)

  5. What a busy week for you :) I think you’re lucky. For the past week, I did nothing… well aside from the youth camp that I attended. My summer life is so boring.

    Pizza and ice cream? Ohh, i want :3

    Take care!

  6. I really want to try Asian cheesecakes. I keep forgetting to buy some whenever I’m in Japantown in SF, but I think I would like it. I don’t like normal American cheesecake since it gets really tiring to get, especially NY cheesecake. But the asian ones look less dense in the “cheese” and appear to be more fluffy cake-like.

    GAAWWD I want to visit South Korea so badly now! ALL THAT FOOODDD!

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