Crazy Week of Work and Fun

I thought with my grad school all finished, I’d have more time to do stuff. Apparently, in my euphoric state, I forgot about work. This is spring break week, so that means the kids I work with are on vacation, and my workplace scheduled a field trip EVERY DAY this week for them. I am mentally and physically exhausted from chaperoning. Amidst that, I also managed to have a social life, so yay for that. My week is broken down into the following:

Monday: Field trip to the Korean Folk Village in Suwon. This place is divided into two parts: the folk village and the amusement park. Guess which side the kids and I stayed at? Yep, the amusement park. This is a place I visited many time as a kid, but the amusement park section didn’t exist back then, so I remembered how bored I was with the folk village, so I stayed far away from that place!

Tuesday: Field trip to Namsan Tower with a hike down the Namsan Mountain. We explored the tower and this strange fun house, but I didn’t like the hike. I thought we were hiking down a paved road, but instead we hiked down a dirt road filled with rocks and branches. With my weak ankles and knees that never healed right from my injury years ago, this hike was not safe for me. I took baby steps and was very slow coming down the mountain.

Wednesday: Field trip to Kidzania, a theme park that is broken up into sections based on occupation. So depending on the occupation, the kids “paid” to learn to be a cook, or got “paid” to learn how to be photographers. It was a great place, but the adults were NOT allowed to participate with the kids. :( I was very sore when I was told I couldn’t cook with the kids! I couldn’t even go into the rooms to take pictures of the kids! Boo!

Thursday: Field trip to Trick Eye Museum with a stopover at the Hello Kitty Cafe (TOO PINK!!!) and Daiso. I did not like the museum because it was too small of a place to take 60+ kids to. It was crazy! Plus, we had to transport the kids on the street, and with Korean traffic, I suffered from an anxiety attack on making sure I didn’t lose any of the kids or that they didn’t get into any accident!

Friday: I didn’t go on the field trip (it was at Everland, another amusement park) because I had to stay behind and watch the kids who were unable to go. This made for a super long day. I swear, that clock did not want to move. However, after work, I met a new friend, “Tessa”. She’s new in Korea and contacted me on OkCupid, wanting to make new English-speaking friends. We met up in my area, and we had went to Taste of Thailand for dinner, took a coffee break at Chansbros, and had a drink at Noxa Lounge.

Saturday: I had to work two hours at this fun fair. My organisation was in charge of the face painting. My colleagues painted, and I was the “water girl”, meaning I changed their water for them LOL. After work, I went to Chansbros to read and wait for my friend “CS”. He’s someone I hadn’t met in like two years, so we met up, had dinner at Casablanca and then had couple drinks at Noxa Lounge. It was a blast catching up with him!

And that was my week. I’m pooped! Tomorrow is going to be my be-a-bum day. I am so not leaving the flat, and I am going to just read and play video games or something to unwind and recuperate from this super busy week!


  1. I hope you’re well rested after that week-filled adventure with the kids! Having a social life is great in the meantime because it exposes you to new things and perspectives :).

    The amusement park sounds like fun! At least the youth of today can now enjoy something while being at the village. You’re a strong woman for making it through the mountain! Even though it was really dangerous for you, you still went through it! I probably wouldn’t like hiking like that- nature and I don’t correspond too well ;~;.

    You’re lucky for having a Hello Kitty Cafe over there! The closes I can think to that is a Disney cafe. I hope you’re feeling a lot better from that anxiety attack. It’s a lot to endure, especially when there are a lot of kids to watch after *_*.

    It sounds like you had a great time meeting up with a new buddy! Hopefully you can have some more awesome adventures with time to come :)!

    Have fun and keep it cool~ :D

  2. A whole week of field trips!! When I was a kid, that would have sounded amazzzzing! But as an adult, that just sounds exhausting!! I never realized how much worrying a chaperone has. @__@

  3. Man, I always forget when spring break is. The things you lose track of once you’re out of school! That looks like a crazy week, especially if you have to do a field trip every day, and it sounds tricky to manage that many kids at once. That’s weird that they didn’t let you participate at Kidzania though. I would have wanted to do it with them!

    I hope you got time to relax after all of that!

  4. Oh, wow! I’d have loved it as a child if school had activities planned during Spring Break…instead, I was forced to spend a significant amount of time with my younger brothers, playing outdoors, and going to the Library. :( All of the activities sound like tons of fun. I definitely cannot decide which I’d enjoy the most, although it is a bit weird that they wouldn’t let you participate at Kidzania, even take pictures. :(

  5. It must be as completely rewarding and exhausting at the same time, tending to the children on field trips! Time surely just flies by when school isn’t in procession, and it doesn’t feel like there’s enough time in a week. I surely hope you had the opportunity to find some time for yourself to get refreshed and get some chillaxing time in there. It’s well deserved!

  6. Oh man….a whole week of field trips sounds absolutely exciting and thrilling, but I’m pretty sure it’s also draining and exhausting. You’re crazy for not being crazy after going through all that! Hopefully, you’re able to wind down and relax soon.

  7. Agent Q on

    Wait, what? A full week of trips!? Heck, when I was at summer camp, I remember our having trips only every other Friday! Then again, I can see why they’d compress all trip days to one week since it IS spring break. Good times, but I’d stick with my lazy week off and sleeping in, thanks. :P

    And yes. Resting up on a weekend is always the route to take, especially after a week full of adventures!

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