Crazy Hair Change

Blue & Purple Hair

Since I turn 30 next year, I decided to do something different and crazy with my hair. The most I was willing to go was to dye it a different colour, and blue hair is something I’ve been wanting for the last couple of years. At first I wanted blue highlights, but several days ago, I decided to go for doing the ends of my hair. That way I have the option of chopping them off in the future and I wouldn’t be damaging all my hair!

I went to the salon today to get it done. Four hours later and $90 poorer (plus $12 tip), I have my crazy hair. The actual cost was supposed to be $110, but when I consulted the salon yesterday, they told me $70, but they didn’t consider the fact that my hair needed to be bleached more than once. One of the ladies who worked there stepped in and said that since I was already told $70 to just lower the price, and the manager did.

I’m happy with it. I can cross off something off my imaginary bucket list :D


  1. That’s nice of them to give you a lower price :) The blue color looks nice! That’s a good idea of doing the tips, so you can cut them off if you don’t want them anymore. Glad you’re happy with it!

  2. You look young for almost being 30 :D! The blue ends on your hair looks really cool! Especially since you have highlights above it and it changes colors there.. It reminds me of blue flames for some reason :P. And it is a good choice too because you can still chop it off if you don’t like it.

    I can’t believe how expensive getting your hair done can be :o. It’s nice that the ladies stepped in to help you out with that pricing situation. I think they did a good job because the blue looks so rich! And a bigger plus that you like it, yay :D

  3. Oo, I like it! That’s a great way to dye your hair without having to touch up the roots. I stopped dying my hair for that reason. Glad you were able to get it done cheaper, too, that’s always a plus. :D

  4. Michelle on

    Ooh, I really like it. I think I wanna do blue highlights in my hair but of course, it will be professionally done. I want it done right and I’m scared of frying my hair, but still, you look good with the blue at the tips.

  5. It suits you! I’ve always wanted to try ombre but am never brave enought! Good for you! Blue is definitely giving you an edge!

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