Post-Graduate School Plans

Games Backlog

Now that I’m pretty much done with grad school, I’m going to catch up on my hobbies. Reading books and mangas were something I could combine with my school-work, but gaming is a whole different issue. For some reasons, gaming is just one of those things I can only do when I do not have any other stuff on my plate. I think that’s because when I get into a game, I’m into it for hours. Reading allows me to escape reality, but gaming? It’s like I get sucked into it. I do not consider that to be a bad thing.

But when I had school, I had to step away from it. The only time I allowed myself to get into games during school was when I was re-playing a game I’ve already played or played adventure games like Gyakuten Saiban because those didn’t require so much on my part and is just another form of reading. But RPGs and other type games? Those I’d play mostly in between semesters.

Now, though, I’ve got some freedom and time to play! I’m happy about that. Now, if only someone would prevent me from buying all these games . . . I buy games that only add to my humongous backlog. I really need more time to play! Any hopes of clearing my backlog is, realistically speaking, not going to happen . . . but I can still try!


  1. Yay for having time to play video games XD I made a goal of playing 30 games this year, but I don’t know if I’ll accomplish it, haha. I bought The Walking Dead last year on a sale. I have no idea when I’ll get around to playing it though =/ I also have a feeling I won’t get to FFX and FFX-2 for a long time…

  2. Congratulations on finishing grad school once again :D! You deserve to treat yourself plentifully with fun stuff like those video games in the picture XD. I feel you about when it comes to gaming when you got other stuff to do.. Which is kind of the reason why I haven’t played any PC games for almost 2 years now (minus AC3). It’s good that you have self-control so that the games don’t heavily distract you from studying! It’s a skill my brother needs, haha. Since you’re on a break now, you can get some games out of your queue list :P

  3. Good luck clearing the game backlog! I always joke to my friends that once a new game comes out that they’re a fan of, that they’ll disappear from social life for a while lol.

    I currently have a bad habit of buying games and never finishing them, so I try to stick with games like Animal Crossing New Leaf which has multi-player and I can take my time playing during semester.

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