Saturday Adventure in Seoul

Before I go onto the main point of my entry, I’d like to point out that I participated in Georgie’s 2 Minutes and 40 Seconds interview segment. My interview can be found here :)

Moving on — with my crapstone turned in, the only thing I can do now is to wait for my defence date on March 27. I’ve a bit of a reprieve, so I made plans to meet up with Bunny Unnie to check out this Indian restaurant in Seoul called Namaste in Dongdaemun area. I’ve been craving Indian, so we decided it to check it out.

Indian food at Namaste

We ordered and split between a chicken tikka masala, chicken biryani, and plain naan. All together, our total came to 25,000 won ($24 USD). It was pretty good, but I am not sure if it’s worth going to Dongdaemun for it! But I’m glad we tried it.

Next we went to Hannam Dong area to check out Banana Tree. Bunny Unnie saw this place featured on TV, and they’re known for their cotton candy latte, a unique concept that made us curious, though I was a bit turned off by the idea first.

Cotton Candy Latte at Banana Tree

I chose to get the strawberry one. Now, I originally thought it’d be like a strawberry milk tea latte or some thing similar. I was not expecting for them to put chunks of strawberry in an actual latte. X_X; Coffee + Strawberry = NASTINESS. If I ever go back there, I’ll stick with the milk caramel flavour — that sounds better than fruit and coffee mixed together. But bleeeeeegh! I won’t ever get the strawberry one again!

Afterwards, Bunny Unnie and I walked around Itaewon. We stopped by the Foreign Food Mart to look around and get whatever catches our eye. Then we walked in the back road of Itaewon and we came upon this HUGE “lion dog”.

Lion Dog in Itaewon

Apparently, this dog’s a bit on the mean side. There was a warning sign that stated he bites when he’s touched . . . other people touched him with no issues, but I decided I’d better not risk it! Still, though, what a majestic looking dog.

Bunny Unnie and I separated after, and I headed to my neighbourhood, where I stopped by my favourite coffee shop to get yummy coffee to make up for that nasty latte, stopped by the fruit store to get some mandarin oranges for Daddy, and picked up some kimbap for mum and me. All in all, what a crazy, but fun day! I love Seoul. Where else can I do all this in one day? :D


  1. Mmmm indian food! I cook alot of it at home cause my husband is pakistan and curry is his life lol but we also love trying out indian/middle-east cuisine everytime we go out. I can cook chicken biryani and naan/rotti/chapati but still gotta work on my chicken tikka!! Nice Pics~!!

    I forgot how I got here but loving your blog! Take care now :)

  2. Chicken tikki masala is pretty good. My favorite dish when I’m at an Indian restaurant is butter chicken, which is similar but less spicy and a bit sweeter/creamier/buttery! OMGGG *drools*.

    I’m not sure I can do strawberries and cotton candy in my latte either. Some things just aren’t meant to be…

    hehe…I wish I could give my dog the lion haircut.

  3. It’s awesome how you got to be in an interview series! I like my yolks really cooked too. I can’t stand having any part of it being liquidy… Or at least have the yolk scrambled/removed.

    It’s so cool how Seoul is so diverse with many different types of food. I remember you saying that you can find many cultural food around the neighborhood. Their rice and pita bread taste really good together- or maybe that’s just me, haha. I’m glad to hear that you liked the place. I think $25 is a really good price since it’s around the same here.

    Without reading the caption on Instagram, I thought the cotton candy was shaved ice. Even though you didn’t like the strawberry latte, you still got something else that makes up for it :). I have never heard of fruit and coffee mixed together before. Since the strawberries were in chunks, did they expect you to scoop it out with a spoon?

    The “lion dog” looks adorable! Even though he might be a biter, he still looks adorable! I want one of those dogs now, haha. After eating KBBQ yesterday, kimbap sounds so familiar! XD.

    Take care :)!

  4. Michelle on

    I’m so going to check out that interview series soon, but yay! Seoul sounds amazing!

    Wow, Lion Dog looks beautiful and majestic! Sounds like that is nasty; coffee and strawberries but it looks interesting nonetheless, but still, glad you had a good time regardless!

  5. Yum, I love Indian food :) Cotton candy latte sounds really weird though! I’m not sure if I’d want cotton candy on top of any type of drink, haha.

    Wahh, that dog is so fluffy. His hair really does look like a lion’s mane :) Glad you had a fun day!

  6. I’ve never really eaten Indian food. I mean… not in a genuinely 100% Indian restaurant but I know they are good. Kind of freaks me out a little when I saw how oily some of the food gets but yea, they are interesting. It’s not easy to find an Indian specialty restaurant in my country (haha it’s like… French and Japanese are everywhere! But the rare ones like Greek cuisine, it’s almost….zero)

    Naan bread is tasty though :) I’d love to try Indian curry someday so as to compare between others like thai curry and japanese ones.

    Ah! What a big, chubby chow chow dog! If I were you, I’d totally ignore the warning and try touching him lol…just because i can’t stand looking at animals and my curiosity is always there for them. or maybe…he won’t bite if I have the smell of a dog on me…since I own one :P i mean that’s how it has been with other dogs whenever i meet em

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