An Epic Teahouse Comic Discovery

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I am supposed to be working on my crapstone project, but instead I decided to join in on the livestream of Teahouse Comic for a bit. At first I didn’t say anything, and after a minute, I left. But then I decided to come back, and I am very glad I did because of what happened later.

The first thing I asked E was if she and CC were ever going to visit South Korea. E told me that they were just here last year, and we briefly talked about how amazing Korean food was, and E mentioned that CC grew up here. The livestream continued, and someone posted a link to an interview of E and CC. That interview didn’t show me who CC was due to bad lighting, but that still made me notice that CC didn’t look full Korean, so I asked E, and she told me CC was half-Korean and half-Caucasian. While this happened, I was going through Teahouse Comic Tumblr, and I saw that CC also did The Fox Sister. Then someone came into my mind, and I looked that someone up, guessing that CC may be someone I actually know.

I started spazzing out in the livestream chat, and I asked on the Teahouse Comic Tumblr if CC was XX, and E confirmed my guess.

asdfjkl;asdfjkl; CC was someone who lived in my neighbourhood, we rode the same bus, and she was like an older mentor-friend to me. CC also drew and wrote in my seventh grade yearbook. And when I told her PE scared the living daylights out of me, she assured me that PE wasn’t that bad.

In the livestream, CC and I were reunited, and she remembered me, too! EEEEEEEEEEEEE! Just, holy crapaholy of everything that’s mind-blowing to the Andromeda Galaxy. I knew that the world tend to be small, but I never thought it’d be this small to where I know a famous comic artist! Just, wow!


  1. What a small world! That’s funny that you’ve been following the comic and knew one of the creators the whole time :) I’m glad you guys were reunited and that she remembered you!

  2. Good luck with your capstone project! I like how you conveniently called it crapstone, haha. I have one to do before graduating in a couple of years and I’m definitely not looking forward to that x___x.

    I browsed through a few pieces from Teahouse and they’re not kidding about the characters being “fancy”, lol!

    It’s crazy (in a good way) how you knew the artist involved in Teahouse and Fox Sister! And even more of a coincidence that she lived in your neighborhood and was involved with some other things with you! It’s great that she remembers who you are because there’s that sense of being reunited and reconnecting after some years.

    Take care :D

  3. Penda Penn on

    Lol! Totally enjoyed reading your post! Congrats on knowing someone famous (that’s on my bucket list xD) it’s awesome that you guys can reconnect (you can probably ask her more tips and stuff) Man, I hope something like this happens to me. Hopefully someone I know gets famous one day.

    BTW, I hope you do well on your project! Aja? (I’m not sure if I should be saying this though xD lol)

  4. Agent Q on

    Haha, crapstone project? What does it entail exactly? Love the pun BTW. Thank you for the good laugh.

    That’s kind of freaky [in a good way!] how you and CC were reunited in the most unexpected ways! I can only imagine how excited you were at the time. :) It’d be awesome going through something similar. Some elements of surprise doesn’t hurt, haha.

    Out of curiosity, I checked the comic site. I think I need to bookmark it. Yea, I’m sort of into Yaoi […sort of…surrre…]. I actually wrote a thesis on Japanese homoerotic works, using several Yaoi pieces as examples. May I add that there was some dramatic reading involved? The audience loved it! Not sure if it’s the content or the performance, but it’s all good. xD

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