Winter Olympics 2014 Concluding Thoughts

This post is old, so what you see here may not reflect my current opinion and mindset, certain information may be outdated, and links may be broken.

The past couple of weeks have been interesting. Work and school took up most of my mental and physical energies, but I still managed to follow the Winter Olympics in-between. And the following are just some random thoughts I had about the Winter Olympics.

1. The bit where the journalists posted about their Sochi experiences cracked me up.

2. I discovered that geo-blocking was heavily enforced for this Olympics, which seems to go against the whole Olympics message, if you ask me. Being in Korea means I can only watch stuff in Korean, and while I understand the language, I’d much preferred watching the Olympics in English. So it really irritated me that I could not watch anything on NBC, CBC, or BBC. I was stuck watching the Olympics on Naver. I was not pleased.

3. Hanyu Yuzuru is my current figure skating obsession. In fact, figure skating has taken over my Tumblr. But going back to Yuzuru — I love everything about this boy — his jumps, his spins, his footworks, his personality, his adorable face, and his huge love for Winnie the Pooh! Guhhhhh. Plus, his short programme was fabulous! Oh, and I love the fact that Johnny Weir designed his free skate outfit.

4. Yuzuru aside, I still adore Patrick Chan, Asada Mao, Kim Yuna, and Takahashi Daisuke. I am deeply saddened that the last three are retiring or are on the verge of retiring. It feels like an end of an era :(

5. I will not comment on the whole Sotnikova versus Kim incident because I am no figure skating expert. However, I will say this: Asada Mao had the BEST free skate programme from the women’s events. Come on. This lady incorporated all six figure skating jumps in her programme. SIX. Not only that, they were all triple jumps, too. JUST, adsfjkl;asdfjkl; BRILLIANT. Yes, she had a piss poor short programme, but to go from 16th place to 6th place overall with that ridiculously amazing free skate programme? Her performance won my respect and put me in tears at the end.

6. Jeremy Abbott’s another skater I give kudos to — the way he still continued his short programme after that horrible fall showed his wonderful resilient nature. Instead of giving up, he continued and then gave a good free skate performance the next day.

7. Johnny Weir + Tara Lipinski = BEST COMBINATION EVER. Plus, nothing beats Johnny Weir’s fashion sense. It’s clear he’d be a Capitol resident in The Hunger Games.

8. Javier Fernandez’s Gala performance was like the most hilarious thing ever. It reminds me of Evgeni Plushenko’s “Sex Bomb” performance!

9. Michael Christian Martinez is someone I’ll be keeping an eye out for in Pyeongchang Winter Olympics! Along with Yuzuru, of course!

10. And the next Winter Olympics is going to be in Pyeongchang, South Korea in 2018! WHOO HOO! No idea if I’ll be in South Korea then, but if I am, I’ll definitely try my best to go watch the figure skating events live!


  1. I can’t believe the Winter Olympics are over! Somehow, it felt like the Olympics started a month ago rather than a couple of weeks ago :o.

    It’s great that you got to follow up with the Winter Olympics aside from all of that work and school stuff going on :D.

    I can somehow understand some of the problems going on in Sochi; especially with the water outage in the hotels. This reminds me of the water contamination that happens in the east coast due to accidents with hydraulic fracturing for natural gas. +__+. At least the journalists had a chance to enjoy a nice view of the monstrous mountains!

    I thought the olympics are supported by all countries worldwide- so it’d make sense to air the Olympics in some of the basic channels.. Especially since it’s free?

    Those skaters make figure skating emphasizes the sport as an art! Mostly from observation, their outfits are unique to themselves/group and create a story out of it. It sounds like you enjoyed the figure skating events! :D

    2018 sounds so far away from today! Then again knowing how time likes to fly, it’ll be 2018 in no time. Hopefully you’ll get a chance to experience these events live :D!

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