A Figure Skating Viewing Experience of Doom

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Despite working the 5:30am split shift this week, I decided that since I missed out on watching the men short programme, I’d sacrifice sleep and stay up super late to watch the men free skate event. Figure skating is one sport I like to watch occasionally, and is the only sport I bother to watch during the Winter Olympics. I wanted to watch this for the male eye candy — in particular Hanyu Yuzuru and Patrick Chan. I’ve been a Patrick Chan fan prior to the 2010 Olympics, and I only discovered Hanyu Yuzuru last week when he won the Team Event, but he’d completely won me over with his skating style — much like Patrick Chan did to me years ago. Plus, and I’m being shallow, but I find them both to be cute. But I digress — I still like them mostly for their skating skills, so I was determined to watch the free skate, but that was easier said than done.

First, I had to figure out how to operate my mum’s television and cable box, which proved to me that I miss having only ten channels on the TV. Then I had to figure out which Korean channel was going to show it. One friend told me MBC. My cousin told me all four “main channels” (MBC, KBS1, KBS2, and SBS) would show it. I discovered that KBS2 was the only one showing it for a while. And then after the first two group skated (watching most of them made me cringe since their skills were quite sub-par), SBS, KBS2, and MBC all showed the darn ski jumping event because there were Korean athletes in that sport. They didn’t go back to the free skate at all! So I missed all of the third group and the first three guys in the fourth group. I almost missed seeing Yuzuru and Patrick, but I finally discovered that Naver.com was streaming them. It took forever to find a website that wasn’t blocked. NBC from USA, CBC from Canada, and most everything else was blocked due to those evil country IP blockage. Wished I’d known about Naver streaming the Olympics sooner.

But despite all the darn troubles I went through to watch this, I’m glad I did. It was worth the eye candy to watch Yuzuru and Patrick skate AND win the gold and silver medals respectively. Though I was mystified why it seemed like 80% of the male skaters were all screwing up on their jumps . . . nevertheless, I will not be repeating this hellish process to watch the ladies figure skating event. I am rooting for Kim Yu-Na for gold and Asada Mao for silver, but I’m not in the mood to sacrifice sleep on a weekday since I’d be a total zombie at work. Watching the men’s event was hellish enough!


  1. Power to you for being able to handle the 5:30am shifts! Even though you missed out on an event, you got to watch the men free skate event! These guys have really good balance, flexibility, and most likely a good body comes with it too XD. It sounds like it takes a lot of work to even watch the olympics! Country blockage is not the deal. I could almost understand the struggle in figuring out how to use the remote.. It happens every time I’m at someone’s house or something D:. Hopefully you will find an easier way to watch the olympics! Are there reruns on Youtube? Hopefully the people you’re rooting for wins!

    I’m really missing out on the olympics. I know that Shaun White competed and got 4th instead of the usual 1st. I was sad to an extent when I heard the news :'(.

    Take care!

  2. 5:30 am shifts? Wow, you’re amazing, can I say that? I would never be able to do something like that. I don’t have the will power to stay up like that and work that shift. I saw some of the figure skating and was blown away. I’ve always enjoyed it because it takes so much to be able to do it and still look graceful.

    The Winter Olympics are awesome because of the different events and figure skating. I know my husband can ice skate and one day, I would love to do the same. I don’t have cable so I can’t watch the Olympics and since something is broken in the back of our t.v, we can’t hook up cable at all, but it’s fine.

    The internet can save me! Lol

  3. I’ve watched a fair bit of the figure skating…not something I’d been interested in before, but I’ll watch just about anything at the Olympics! I actually enjoyed it a lot more than I expected to. And after reading about your trouble I now feel rather grateful that due to living in the UK and having the BBC coverage online and on TV, I can watch pretty much anything from the Olympics whenever it’s on. I took my tablet into university yesterday to stream the women’s curling semi-final during a lecture…I’m a great student, honest!

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