Tomoko the New Kindle Paperwhite

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ETA: Found a dead pixel or something 30 minutes after I blogged about this . . . Looks like I’m returning this. Tomoko was not meant to be with me! :(

Kindle Paperwhite Kindle Paperwhite

Guess who decided to get the new 2nd gen Kindle Paperwhite? /o

I couldn’t resist. It’s been something I’ve been thinking about since a couple of weeks ago when I saw them at the PX. I couldn’t really justify getting the new one because my 1st gen Paperwhite works fine, but I still wanted it just because it’s a newer model and the screen looks so much better. My co-worker finally said to me “It’s okay to upgrade. You don’t have kids. And consider this to be like your super early graduation gift to yourself.” Luckily, I already have two people who wants to buy my old one for $40, so that makes me feel better about this purchase. And oh, wow, the screen is so much brighter and better. No idea if it’s faster yet, but I imagine the page turn speed won’t really make a difference to me. But the screen, the screen is so amazing! asdfjkl;asdfjkl;

Anyway, I named it to “Tomoko”, which follows the trend of naming my Kindle devices with Japanese name :D I love it so far. Just whee! Too bad grad school is already sucking up my life, though. That certainly cuts into my reading time! Just gotta look forward to April!


  1. Well dang, that is a total bummer. My sister has a nook and seems to like it well enough. I want to get a tablet sometime just for traveling purposes – or so I could watch my apps on it during my lunch breaks.

    • The Paperwhite isn’t much of a tablet — the Kindle Fire is the tablet version. I am not a fan of the Nook mostly because I hate B&N. They ticked me off a few years ago. I’d tried to get something from their site, and it wouldn’t accept my payment (WTF?), so since then I blacklisted them LOL.

  2. Glad that you’re happy with your purchase! Being able to find someone to sell the old one to definitely makes this purchase a guilt-free one. Glad that worked out for you. :) Sad how grad school sucks time and energy out of everything else we want to do, haha. I feel you on that one. >.<

    • I returned the new Paperwhite because I read that the pixel issue was quite common on the new model :( Good thing I didn’t sell my old one!

  3. I am so sorry to hear that your Kindle Paperwhite had a dead pixel :(. Since you returned it, does it mean you’re not going to have a replacement for it? At least you got to try it out for a bit. It’s great that your coworker supported you in the purchase. Hopefully you didn’t sell your old one yet so that you can still have the tablet. I can imagine how intense being a grad student may be. Regardless, you can do it ^__^

    • I hadn’t sold my old one yet, so I returned the new one and got the refund and kept my old one. I am glad I did get to try it out, but my old one is better in some ways! :D

  4. That’s too bad about the dead pixel! I hope you have better luck on your next one. I’ve heard good things about the new Paperwhite. I’m glad you’re able to sell your old one at least!

    • I didn’t sell my old one! Good thing I waited. I much prefer the older model compared to the new model for a few other reasons XD

  5. Thats cool! Before your purchase, Have you thought about getting a tablet like an iPad or an Android device instead? Because you could just download a Kindle app and use those as a Kindle reader plus you can do more with them too. Or do you really like the paperwhite screen? Just curious because I owned kindle fires before :)

    • I’ve got a smartphone, so I’m happy with that. I hate Apple, and the other tablets would make horrible reading devices (and are heavier and uses up battery faster), so that’s why I stick to something like Paperwhite.

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