Divergent and Legend Trilogies

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Divergent Trilogy

In May 2013, I read The Hunger Games trilogy, and minus the third book, I was riveted by the dystopian world, something that has not happened to me since reading The Giver and “Harrison Bergeron”. I couldn’t stay away from the realistic portrayals of Katniss’ world, and I wrote a status update on Facebook expressing my awe on the books. Couple of people recommended me the Divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth, and JJ suggested the Legend trilogy by Marie Lu. Hungry for more YA dystopian novels, I put them on my backlog, and last week, I began reading the books and finished both series yesterday.

To compare the two series wouldn’t be fair, but since I read them back-to-back, I can’t help but compare them. Overall, I really liked the Legend trilogy over Divergent. The former proved to get better from book one to book three; the latter went downhill after the first book. The world building was more believable in Legend, and I really could see the correlation to the Republic to North Korea, and I could only wonder if a similar experience is occurring there like what Day and June went through.

Legend Trilogy

Character-wise, I like Four over June and Day because something about him calls to me. I think I admired him for the way he was shown as a mentor. Tris and June were both strong female characters, but I ended up liking Kaede and Cara over them both. In fact, I really loved the secondary characters moreso than the main ones. I have a newfound love for Metias, Uriah, Cara, Johanna, and Anden. Seriously, I have this humongous crush on Metias, and I keep wanting him to be paired up with Day and Anden in an alternate universe, haha!

Which brings me to another point I noticed about the two series — the inclusion of LGBT characters in non-LGBT mainstream YA novels. Just, WHOAH. I swear that surprised me since I’d have never seen LGBT characters in mainstream non-LGBT YA novels when I was in high school! The inclusion makes me happy because it shows just how much time has changed to where it affects literature now. I am certainly not complaining about these subject matter being in the books!

But going back to the series, I really liked Legend better for the more believable plot and the better writing, and I am still struck by the possibility of the Republic being something akin to North Korea. Divergent gave me Four, and I did like the world building, but the series as a whole was just not as good as Legend. I do not regret reading Divergent, but I’d definitely recommend Legend over it.


  1. I remember reading The Giver years ago. It was interesting how the book turned from a plain utopia to upside down focusing on the main character. Would you think Legend is inspired by the overall idea of the Republic to North Korea? For some reason, I imagined it would be something like the darker area of Yu-Gi-Oh 5D’s.

    It is good to hear that there are inclusion of LGBT characters without making the whole book focusing on the topic. It shows that characters no matter the background could cooperate together and achieve greatness! Hopefully you’ll read some more great books soon! :D

  2. Ooh I must read these trilogies. I just love trilogies but I don’t come across many good ones these days that get me hooked.

  3. Dystopian and post-apocalyptic setting, I love them both. I’m currently so into them and all I can think of is find more books in that genre and write stories of that genre…which is hard, really, just like any other sci-fi genre. Yet sci-fi is the most interesting genre, imo..the other being fantasy and psychological (thriller or mystery, whatever as long as psychological is in there).

    I haven’t read the 2nd and 3rd books of THG. guess I’m still not sure which character should I point to replace my favorite district 2 tributes. yeah, I love district 2 :P

    A friend of mine recommended Divergent for me. Honestly, I’m interested but something refrains me from buying it… yet. maybe because YA series nowadays have interesting plot/idea but then it all comes crumbling down thanks to shifting focus for the love triangle and whatnot. Hence nowadays, I prefer reading fantasy adventurous books such as michael scott’s nicholas flamel series or pseudonymous bosch’s secret series. More fantasy, less lovey dovey stuff.

    Frankly, I’ve never seen Legend displayed around here hm but I’ll try to search for it. Unfortunately, I still have too many books waiting on the line haha… but already I want to buy Divergent and/or Maze Runner >w<

  4. Michelle on

    Oh man, The Giver was one my favorite books back in the day and still kind of is. I haven’t heard of these other trilogies but I might have to check them out. I know they have a movie coming out for one of them and it looked meh, but I could be wrong. I’m definitely going to check them out after I finish my historical books. Hahaha

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