Last Birthday in My 20s

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Yesterday was my 29th birthday, my last birthday in my roaring twenties, a birthday otherwise known as the most social media heavy birthday ever. So many people wished me a happy birthday through emails, Facebook posts and private messages, KakaoTalk messages, LiveJournal posts and private message, Instagram comments, and Twitter. It was quite overwhelming, but at the same time, I feel loved :)

Along with the bazillion well wishes, I got the following:

Bose Companion 2 Series III Speakers

My daddy gave me this and $200~ I LOVE THE SPEAKERS. It’s way better than my old crappy speakers. Oh, man, the sound’s just bloody awesome.

Miyeok Guk

My mum made me the annual miyeok guk (미역국 = seaweed soup Koreans eat on their birthdays for another year of good health and stuff), and she gave me $100 and 100,000won. I told her to give my grandma half the money.

Budae Jjigae Paris Baguette Cake

My imo (aunt) made me budae jjigae (부대찌개 = Korean “Army Base Stew”) and got me cake on Saturday night! I wanted home-made budae jjigae for over a year, so my aunt ,and with my mum’s help, finally made me some as a birthday meal :D She also got me cake from Paris Baguette — some sweet potato cake!

Fried Chicken Roll Paris Baguette Cake

My co-worker, Chris, bought me the fried chicken roll for lunch last Thursday, and she also gifted me some mocha cake from Paris Baguette!

I also got gifts that I wasn’t able to photograph. They are:

Michelle ~ Card and Letter Book
Dong Jin (cousin) ~ Fancy Korean Tea set
Mosh ~ $20 Amazon Gift Card
Anonymous ~ One-year LJ Paid Account

I really am grateful for all my gifts and the birthday greetings. Especially since I got to spend my birthday weekend doing what I want. I spent Saturday afternoon walking around Itaewon and then read at my favourite cafe, and came home to eat my budae jjigae. Sunday, my actual birthday, I dozed around reading some more and then I met up with my cousins to go on-base, where I treated them to the sirloin steak buffet at Dragon Hill Lodge. And now to have another lazy day on Monday, MLK Day :) I love having a three-day weekend on my birthday! I enjoyed it and am happy to have a low-key birthday, perfect way to end my 20s, I guess!


  1. Once again, happy birthday! It sounds like a total feast! All that food looks so good! I wish my mom made me some traditional birthday dish. This Paris Baguette place sounds really popular.

  2. I’m glad you had a good birthday! Low key birthdays are nice. Sometimes it feels better to just relax, haha. You got some awesome gifts too, and all of that food looks tasty :D That’s nice of your mom and aunt to make you the dish that you’ve been wanting!

  3. Happy late birthday! Glad you had a good one, especially during the 3-day weekend. Those are the best. xD

  4. Happy Birthday! Looks like it was a good one! I’m jealous of those speakers. I’ve been wanting Bose speakers for a while now.

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