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After finishing The Book Thief, I began reading this monstrosity known as The Second World War by Antony Beevor. That took me about ten days to read, to where I came to the following conclusion:

The Second World War by Antony Beevor gave me a comprehensive overview on WWII from the European and the Pacific theatres, both of which demonstrated complex and convoluted events where leaders backstabbed and mistrusted each other. Not to mention the rape. God. Rape happening with both Allies and Axis soldiers. It’s like, really? I know the soldiers suffered and all, but it’s bloody ridiculous. Aside from that, I enjoyed reading about Winston Churchill and his relationships with the other leaders, Joseph Stalin and his generals that developed rivalry with each other, Adolf Hitler and his thousands of cronies who I could never keep track of (Himmler, Goring, and whoever? Don’t ask me who did what.), and Franklin Roosevelt and his military officials. Oh, and I learned a lot more about the Holocaust. And Patton. He rocks. That is all.

After finishing that 850+ page book, I decided to continue on with my backlog, of which I am devouring YA novels. Over the weekends, I read three and started on a fourth. I read:

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. It was a good read. I admit, I read it with wariness because I wasn’t sure if it’d lived up to the hype. It didn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the book, but it wasn’t a book that made me go asdfjkl;asdfjkl;!!! Plus, I didn’t really cry with this book. I guess after reading all those Lurlene McDaniel’s books growing up, stories about cancer and terminal illnesses are familiar territory for me. The snark level and the black humour in this book was perfect, though. And the character interactions were done well.

Fan Art by Sarah Tregay. This LGBT YA novel was another great read, one of the better LGBT YA novels I’ve read recently. In fact, this is actually and ARC, and I wrote my full mini-review at Goodreads. TL;DR ~ Loved the characters and the interaction, but felt like the overall plot was just bloody convoluted to the point where the last half of the book dragged on forever.

Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell. Aside from wanting to type “Roswell” for “Rowell”, I didn’t really like this book. I did like how Park was half-Korean, but I feel like the author (who’s not Asian) didn’t capture the Korean heritage well through Park and his Mum. I kept wondering things like, “Where’s the effing kimchi?” Yes, they lived in Nebraska, but a lot of Koreans I know will figure out a way to make kimchi with American ingredients, but I digress. Going back to the book . . . I didn’t feel like the romance really worked in this book. If anything, I think I’d like this book better if Eleanor and Park had just remained friends.

And with that said, I am now reading Divergent. I expect to be done with the trilogy in a few days because I can’t put the book down. HOMG. It’s like Hunger Games/Percy Jackson/Leviathan series all over again! My only problem: not having enough time to read!


  1. I remember The Book Thief from your previous blog post! The book sounds interesting; especially with all of the backstabbing going on. I remember from the modern US history class I took last semester, Truman + Churchill doesn’t trust Stalin at all. (Especially Truman with the atomic bomb supposedly) so I could see the possible backstabbing going on. How was Chuchill with the other leaders? I haven’t read up much about him. But I can’t believe rape happened between the soldiers… Why would they do such a thing.

    Books can be powerful at times when they engage with the readers.. Especially those where the character have illnesses D:. I feel you about situations where the character doesn’t have his heritage further explained. The author should’ve done at least a couple of research and add in the kimchi… pizza! haha.

    I hope you’re enjoying your next books :D!

  2. Ahh this makes me want to sit down and read! I just never have time anymore and when I do, i’m just too brain dead. T__T

  3. I get you about John Green’s famous book. Everyone seems to scream over it, fawn over it and showers constant attention for it on almost everywhere it actually bores me senseless. There was once when I felt interested and wanted to purchase the book but in the end, I didn’t. I guess it’s because of how everyone bows down to it, making it extremely a mainstream almost “omg you MUST MUST read this!” kind of book…. I lost interest in it and I end up cringing every time someone squeals over it.

    Like, especially on tumblr.. everyone acts like TFIOS and Perks are the only books that matter and so it annoys me..sometimes, haha. I’m weird. And anyway even if I do end up buying it, I think the feeling will just be…bland for me instead of all emotional haha

    Gah, I hate not having time to read. I’ve been too loaded with college stuff I haven’t even finished one book! Crazy. I’ve been holding Michael Scott’s The Magician since idk when ugh.. need to start grabbing a new read soon ;__;

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