Takeaway Queen and the Mishmash Taste Buds

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Takeaway from Taste of Thailand

I admit to not being fond of cooking. If anything, I usually tell people that I hate cooking, but I don’t mind baking. That’s why, when it comes to food, I do takeaway at one of the many places in neighbourhood because I’d rather do that than slave away in the kitchen. Especially for a family with mixed taste buds. See, my dad prefers US cuisines and meat heavy dishes like steak. My mum, being Korean, prefers Korean food. As for myself, I fall somewhere in-between them and completely away from them. I don’t mind Korean or US dishes, but I prefer the more “exotic” cuisines like Thai and Indian, and gourmet-y Italian pizzas and the like. Needless to say, the clash of taste buds means my mum usually has to cook three different dishes during our meals. A typical meal my mum would have to prepare is this:

Dad: Steak with veggies and potatoes
Mum: Kimchi jjigae with rice and Korean side-dishes
Me: Mum’s special home-made tteokbokki (because I do not like steak X_X)

Needless to say, that puts an extra load or two on my mum’s shoulder. I always feel bad, so I got into the habit of buying my own meals, especially when I was working the late shift that’d finish at 8 or 9pm at night. Luckily, my neighbourhood is awesome. I live in an area called “Itaewon”, known for its diverse people and establishments, but I live in the side-area of Itaewon, not the main area. However, both areas have many restaurants. Ranging from Korean to European to North American to whatever, the likelihood of finding something is pretty high, and the best part? They are all walking distance, so it makes it easier on me to do takeaway. And now I’ve been doing a lot of takeaway for me and my parents.

Here’s an example of my mad takeaway skills that occurred last week where I had to take into consideration our different taste buds, get the timing right to ensure one food is not colder than the other, and attend multiple restaurants — a challenge that I achieved!

1. Go to El Grecos to order fish and chips for Daddy. This place is a bit on the slow side, so it made sense to order from here first.
2. Go to Taste of Thailand, which is two minutes away, to get Thai red curry for me. I purposely chose a dish that’d stay hot for a while and would still be good to eat later. Wait and get the food. The food was done in less than ten minutes.
3. Go back to El Grecos to pick up the fish and chips, where I only had to wait an extra five minutes.
4. Go to Sonmali Kimbap, which is one minutes away, to get a kimbap roll for Mum which only took like two minutes.
5. Go to Itaewon Naengmyeon, which is across the street from the kimbap place, to get odeng for Mum which took another two minutes.
6. Go home fast (a four-minutes walk from Itaewon Naengmyeon) and serve everyone their meals. Ta-dah!

And that’s a typical takeaway adventure for me. Some days it’s easier when I choose to get something that my dad gets (like fish and chips), but it’s common for me to do this loop-de-loop to get us food all of us will enjoy. I’m just thankful I live in an area that has such diverse restaurants all close to each other!


  1. Those platters look delicious! I thought you like to cook :o! I have seen some of your recipes and they make me hungry XD. With your situation, it’s understandable why takeaway is done. If I have to pick between your parents, I’d go with your dad because I love steak.

    Oooh! Thai food! Have you heard of this dish where shrimp are cooked through marinating? Like you don’t boil it or anything, you let it sit in lemons and other juices/ingredients and it “cooks” on its own like that? It looks delicious.

    Your neighborhood sounds awesome for having so many varieties of food! The little journey you took to get food sounds so convenient. If I tried doing what you just did, it would probably take me an hour. (Restaurants like to take their sweet time for some reason…)

    Takeaway makes everyone happy? XD

    Take care!

  2. It’s interesting that you call it takeaway. That’s the first time I’ve heard that. It’s normally referred to as “takeout” here. Regardless, that’s still quite a talent you’ve picked up there. It’s definitely hard to satisfy everyone’s taste preferences and have the food be warm and ready to eat. I’m jealous that they’re all such a short distance from each other. I would have to drive all over town.

  3. Oh god, it’s 10 o’clock at night over here and I now have the sudden urge to order takeaway. Takeaway is my nemesis especially now that it’s so much easier to order online with sites like hungryhouse and justeat. Your neighbourhood sounds a bit like mine – we have Chinese, Indian, Greek, Mediterranean restaurants and lots more near where I live. It’s awesome but dangerous.

  4. I got takeaways tonight too! It can be difficult when not everyone enjoys the same things for dinner. My sister is the same way and it was difficult when I lived at home too.

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