The Book Thief

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In 2013, I actually kept track of what I read — books, ebooks, mangas, comic books. I did a lot of my reading on my Kindle Paperwhite, due to convenience. I read 101 total, but the actual number is closer to 150+ since I didn’t count all the manga scanslations I read over the year. In fact, my original goal was 50 books, but I went over it. I decided to set my goals for 50 books again for 2014, and I finished one book today, a book I started in November 2013. I cannot recall taking that long to finish a book, but The Book Thief by Markus Zusak was just not a book I could rush through. I am not sure why — maybe the pacing was just too slow at the beginning? That’s how it felt to me since once I read about 60%, the rest of it I was able to zoom through. Regardless, though, it was a beautifully written book.

The way I described this book to several people is that it’s like a young adult version of Slaughterhouse-Five. Both books use WWII as its time period, both books take place in Germany (well, Slaughterhouse-Five takes place in Germany part of the time), both have a similar tone to them (the black humour and the surrealistic narration), and both reveal the plot throughout the story. However, Slaughterhouse-Five did not make me cry. The Book Thief broke me at the part where Liesel found Max in the Jewish March through Molching, and my heart cried at Himmel Street’s “climax” towards the end. Yes, I knew it would occur since Death kindly reminded me every chapter or so, but reading the actual scenes brought tears to my eyes. Liesel and her relationships with Hans, Rosa, Rudy, Max, and Ilsa were all portrayed realistically and with the right emotion and words. Zusak really amazed me with his characterisations and the wacky plot structure.

My words do not do this book any justice. I do highly recommend it to those who like historical fiction, unusual plot structure, and a unique narrator. If anything, just read this book at least once.


  1. I always include The Book Thief in my mind when someone asks me to recommend a good read and it’s always always going to be in my list of favorite books. I love the way Markus Zusak wrote it, the way he decided to use someone else to write the story and from a different perspective too.
    I did feel it was slow phased too…kind of. but it was worth it, i think.
    Now I can’t wait for the movie to be released :)

  2. Happy New Year’s! :)

    Congratulations on finishing 101 books (150+ with manga) in 2013 when you set your goal for 50! It was realistic and you accomplished it ^__^! I am happy for you~

    Good luck with reading at least 50 books again this year. I’m sure you can accomplish this goal once again :P.

    The Book Thief sounds like an interesting book even though it can take a while to consume the literature. I never thought about books that has its settings taken place in Germany during World War II. If a book can give you emotions, it must be pretty good. If I need a book to read, I’ll give this a thought. Thank you for sharing :D

  3. I loooooooooved The Book Thief. I have read it twice now. Once by myself on a recommendation from a friend and once in my book club. Excellent book. Congratulations on all your books read this year.

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