Sailor Moon Mangas

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Sailor Moon Mangas

Growing up in South Korea, I watched Sailor Moon on Korean television channel in Korean dubs. However, because my Korean wasn’t that strong, I never did understand the plot to the point of retaining it in my memories. Ergo, when I read the mangas, I remembered virtually nothing of the plot. But I remember liking the animes, so when I saw that these manga boxsets were on sale, I decided to get them, but only after I got the okay from my best friend who’d buy the set off of me if I ended up hating the mangas.

Well, I read the mangas, and my verdict? It’s readable, but it’s not the best thing in the world. I did like the world sensei created, and the colourful cast of characters were fun, but the plot itself? Let’s just say by the time I was in the Dead Moon Circus arc, I felt like the whole thing was getting very, very repetitive. And maybe it was just me, but I felt like the scenes in the manga didn’t transition smoothly (especially in the last few volumes), so there were many times I was left confused and had to re-read the scene or read the summary on the Internet.

The art itself is very pretty, though. And I really did like the Outer Senshis and the Starlights Senshis — I just found them more interesting than the Inner Senshis. I liked some of the villains, too, but they tended to die off very quickly and were pretty one-dimensional. Otherwise, though, I did enjoy the mangas as a whole, but it’s not going to make it onto my top ten list or anything.


  1. Similar thing happened for me. I watched a bit of Sailor Moon as a kid but my English wasn’t very good at the time. Then when I tried to rewatch it a couple of years ago, I couldn’t stand it because it was just so slow and boring and it felt repetitive. And Sailor Moon was too much of a cry baby. I couldn’t do it.

    P.S. I got your Christmas card today when I visited my parents! Thank you!

    • Yeah, somethings just do not age well! Sailor Moon just happens to be one of them, I guess. ^^;;

      And YAY! I’m glad the card got to you without issues!

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