Fall Semester 2013 Done

Last night I did my final exam for one of my classes. That was the last thing I needed to do for this semester, and now I am done! I am now free from school! And tomorrow night, I’ll be free from work, too, since I’ll be on leave from December 13 after 5:30pm to December 22. No work/school = bliss!

As always, I have a bunch of animes, mangas, books, movies, and video games to consume, but it’s looking like I may not be doing much of those during my leave. I already have plans with six or seven different people to meet up for various social reasons. One of them is visiting from the states, so I HAVE to meet them. Another is an online fandom friend whom I’ve never met and will meet soon. The others are all friends in the area whom I hardly ever get to meet due to our conflicting schedule. It’s going to be a whirlwind of gaiety for me!

Oh, another thing I need to do? Clean my room. It’s a total junkyard right now since I’ve neglected it. Whoops! Hopefully that won’t take me too long. XD;


  1. Congrats on being done!! I miss that feeling. I hate having to use my vacation hours…I’m so stingy with it…but at the same time, I want a vacation!

    • I have to use my vacation hours! I’ve reached that point where if I don’t use it, it’ll be lost, so no choice! XD;;;

  2. Congratulations on being done! I bet it feels great to be done with a semester in college?

    Have fun during your trips and everything. Hey! I was wondering if you had any recipes for those Chinese cookies? I know you’re Korean, but since you bake a lot, I was just wondering so I had to ask. No harm in asking right?

    I’m also sorry for any past fights and what not. I hope to be forgiven.

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