Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies

Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies aka Gyakuten Saiban V was a game I’ve been looking forward to for a while. As a big fan of the series, I was thrilled to play another game in the series. I played and beat the game in the past week, and this game has got me wanting to play the other games again. See below my spoiler-free review!

The Goods
– Phoenix Wright’s a lawyer again! Whoo hoo!
– SIMON BLACKQUILL. HOMG. This sexy samurai-prosecutor-with-a-bloody-pet-hawk is AMAZING. I still love me my Miles Edgeworth, but this dude’s up there with Godot in terms of BAMFness!
– Apollo Justice became more of a badass, too! So much better than his butt monkey status in his own game.
– Speaking of Apollo — APOLLO/CLAY is like my new OTP, haha!
– Taka, Simon’s pet hawk, cracked me up.
– Our lovable nameless Judge seemed to have actually gotten better in this game!
– The upgraded graphics were a nice change!
– Athena and her mood matrix and WIDGET were neat :D
– All the shoutouts (ie: Eldoon’s Noodle) brought a lot of smile to my face!
– The fact that I didn’t have to see Maya really made me happy.
– I LOVE PONCO AND CLONCO. If I were to ever have a robot, I’d want them!

The Bads
– While the main storyline was intriguing, I felt like it was missing something . . . it was good, but it didn’t have this “oomph” like it did with Trials and Tribulations or the first Phoenix Wright game.
– Case 2 drove me batty. All that youkai stuff got really, REALLY annoying after a while.
– Lack of physical release :( I am glad Capcom released this game digitally, but I sure wish I could have a physical copy of this game!
– The fact that Detective Gumshoe did not make an appearance really made me sad :( I miss you, Pal!
– The investigation gameplay segments seemed really short compared to the other games.

The Uglies
– The M-rating of the game. WUT. I am still not getting why it got an M-rating.
– Considering what Phoenix had to do in the previous game with the Jurist system and all, it really bugs me that none of it was mentioned in this game.
– Oh, and the connection between Trucy and Apollo wasn’t mentioned, either . . .
– The typos/grammatical errors were quite abundant. Wished Capcom had better proofreaders!

This was a strong game. As a fan of the series, I felt like this was a good addition to the series. If I were to rank the games in the series it would be:

1. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
2. Phoenix Wright: Trials & Tribulations
3. Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies
4. Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney
5. Phoenix Wright: Justice for All

Ergo, I still consider the first and the third game to be my top two, but this game definitely outranks Apollo Justice and Justice for All.

I definitely recommend this game to long-time fans, and while I think newcomers will enjoy the game, I know a lot of the references to the other games will be missed.