Kazama the PC

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Kazama the PC

Everyone, meet Kazama the PC. Provo died on me last month when its power supply burnt out and took its motherboard with it :( The last month had me mooching the PC from my dad, using my superbly slow netbook, relying on my smartphone, and going on the work computer. With my leave being from October 5 to October 14, I decided to take this time now to haul my arse to the Yongsan Electronics Market to get a new computer made.

This plan did not come without some issues. First off, I just about gave myself and several others headaches as I pondered over my options and asked a bazillion hardware questions. I kept changing my specs based on my needs and my budget. I allocated myself $800, and I went and got the price check at the same place I went four years ago for Provo.

I spent Saturday asking for the price and asking my friends for their advices on the spec. Yesterday (Monday), I went and got the computer, but when I brought it home, Dad and I discovered that the optical drive was not in the case at all. I took it back today, and they installed my missing drive, helped install the OS, and I brought it home and did the rest. Mental note to self: install all drivers before attempting to go on the Internet AND always go into the disk management section of the OS to ensure secondary hard drive is activated.

Aside from the issues, I am loving Kazama! Compared to Provo, it’s a much better machine. See the table below :)

Provo Kazama
Monitor Samsung SyncMaster 2443BWX 24″ Same
Motherboard ASUS P5KPL-VM ASUS B85M-G
CPU Intel Pentium E5200 Core 2 Duo 2.5ghz Intel Haswell i5-4670 Quad Core 3.8ghz
Graphics Card Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT 512mb Axle 3D GTX 650 1gb
RAM 4gb DDR2 Samsung 4gb DDR3 x 2
HDD Seagate 250gb (named Palindrome) + 500gb (named DFMA for “Don’t Fail Me, Arsehole”) Western Digital 500gb (named Amagiri) + 1tb (named Shiranui)
ODD LG DVD RW Super Multi Drive LG H 24NS
Case N/A Zalman Z3 Plus
PSU 500w 500w
OS Windows XP Windows 7 Home
Computer Cost 610,000won (2009 rate 1455won = $450) 727,000won (2013 rate 1064won = $683)
OS Cost Free 132,000won (2013 rate 1064won = $124)
Misc. Cost Monitor fee 389,000won (2009 rate 1455won = $287) Delivery fee 8,000won (2013 rate 1064won = $7.52)
Grand Total 999,000won (2009 rate 1455won = $687) 867,000won (2013 rate 1064won = $815)

So that’s Kazama. Provo was so much cheaper, all thanks to that awesome exchange rate, but alas that’s not something that’d last :( Regardless, I am pleased with this forced upgrade. I miss Windows XP, but Windows 7 is not bad at all, and definitely a better alternative to Vista or Windows 8! Anyway, time for me to continue perfecting him. Kazama needs to be full of files and programmes!

P.S. — Can you guess where Kazama, Amagiri, and Shiranui came from? XD XD XD


  1. Agent Q on

    Love that Hakuoki reference. I was thrown off at first too. xD
    Of course, that’s nothing compared to those bumps you had to overcome in getting this computer set up and ready to go. Good to know that you prefer Windows 7 over 8. I’m not looking forward to that and plan on sticking with W7 until something [actually] better comes up. :/

    • I had a different set of names, but after all the troubles I’ve gone through . . . I changed the names to the onis from Hakuouki :)

  2. cute how you list your pc with great affection ^_^
    check out tweakhound.com its a pretty good resource for optimizing windoze. Though,  is best haha.

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