Digital Perm Take 2

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In 2008, I did a digital perm for the first time.

That experience left me with pretty curls, but I distinctly remember hating the actual process, especially when I was hooked up to the machine since it felt like my hair was being yanked out of my scalp! Regardless, I found myself wanting to get a perm again, and I decided to do it digitally again at this salon in my neighbourhood for 80,000 won ($75 USD).

Here is how my hair looked before the perm.

Hair Before Digital Perm

Then here is me hooked up to the machine, looking like some creepy sci-fi Medusa. This machine did not yank on my hair, so I liked that much better. Unfortunately, I had to endure the heat from the rods. Being very heat-sensitive, I did not enjoy that!

Digital Perm

After the machine, they kept my hair in regular perm rollers for a while.

Digital Perm

This is the end results.

Digital Perm Results

Later on, though, the curls became really loose :( I ended up returning to the salon to redo the perm. The second round yielded much better results.

Digital Perm Results

Thus ends my digital perm adventure. Time to leave my hair alone!


  1. Look good, so the process was definitely worth it. Though to be honest, I wouldn’t go through it due to the heat sensitivity. It sounds terrifying to me. xD I think I’ll keep my short hair and leave it at that. :) How long was the process?

    • The process took about 2-3 hours. I am not sure, really. I brought my Kindle with me, so I was too engrossed in reading to keep track of time!

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