RSS Reader Woes

Google Reader, which I used every day, basically died beginning of July. I was amongst the people who were not happy that their RSS Reader was going to go bye-bye. I knew about its demise few weeks prior, so I went on a hunt for a Google Reader alternative.

I tried Feedly. I didn’t like the magazine-style interface. And at the time I tried it, their list format wasn’t really what I wanted.

I tried Netvibes. I didn’t like the fact that it was using Times New Roman font, and interface was just too constricting. Also, this one didn’t update my feeds instantly like Google did.

I tried The Old Reader. I liked it the best, and it really was similar to Google Reader. However, like Netvibes, this, too, would lag with feed updates. Still, I decided to stick with this.

Now, though, The Old Reader is basically closing down their services except to their friends, saying that those people who sought them as Google Reader Alternatives can piss off. So I am back to square one with finding a good RSS Reader service. I tried out Feedly again, and it looks like this one will have to do. Let’s hope they don’t do a Google or The Old Reader move.

Seriously, I am at the point where I am willing to pay an annual fee for an RSS Reader that’s good as Google’s. *raises fist* Damn you, Google, for getting rid of the one other service I use other than Gmail and Google Drive!


  1. When I first tried Feedly, I didn’t like it since it wasn’t working properly on my browser. However, I came back to it recently and I’m really liking it now. I use their list display and it’s very similar to Google’s and it has the same shortcut keys as well as the preview option. After using it for like a month now, I’m very comfortable with it and love it now. All other readers feel really slow or didn’t have the preview option that I like.

    • Yeah. I noticed that these GR alternatives do not sync as well as the GR did :( Feedly is okay — it has changed from before. I think before, it didn’t have a list option or something. Or if it did, it didn’t match my aesthetic preferences. It still doesn’t to an extent. The auto-expand thing gives me a headache.

      I’m also trying out Digg Reader at the moment!

  2. I was on The Old Reader until it went down for maintenance. I have since moved to Feedly. The only thing I didn’t like about it is the relatively narrow width. I might stay there for a while!

    Wait. The Old Reader didn’t want anyone who sought them out as a Google Reader Alternative?

  3. Agent Q on

    You should consider BlogLovin. I don’t know how it compares to the ones you’ve mentioned, but I have yet to experience any update lag. Keep in mind, this was the only reader I used, and I have yet to run into problem. If you do decide to get one, share it with us, and I’ll follow you.

  4. a friend of mine was going through the same situation after google reader left! i couldn’t think of a best way to console her because i personally don’t use anything but gmail and gdrive! this really helped me figure out what she was distressed over.

  5. I STILL miss greader ;o;~~

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