Un-neglecting My PS3

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I’ve had my PlayStation 3 since December 2010, and the poor thing’s been used primarily as a Blu-ray/DVD player. Console gaming has just not been something I’ve been wanting to do, what with handhelds and PC being more convenient. In fact, the only PS3 game I’ve played on the PS3 is Eternal Sonata (PSOne Classics do not count), so I figured I really need to remedy it by playing more PS3 games. This weekend, I debated on starting on Final Fantasy XIII, Heavy Rain, or L.A. Noire. I chose to play FFXIII.

Holy cow. The graphics. I knew the graphics were going to be incredible, but I didn’t expect it to be this good. I’m just amazed by it, and when I compare it to old-school JRPGs from the 90s . . . there are no comparisons. I am still not sure about the gameplay, though, or whether I like the story and the characters yet. One thing for sure is that I’ve definitely missed console gaming. Playing FFXIII brings back all the fond memories of me in my teenage/college days doing marathons and pulling all-nighters on my consoles. I really do miss those days.


  1. Aw, c’mon man. FFVII’s graphics were the greatest and I won’t hear anyone say otherwise!

    So much drama in so few polygons. True art. u_u

    • I can’t say I like FFVII’s distorted polygon design, though. Though, I have to say that the battle system is definitely better. To be honest, my favourite FF game is FF9.

  2. My PS3 has been mainly a blu-ray player too XD;; I started playing my Xbox again but not the PS3 yet. You should play Heavy Rain if you ever need a break from FF13! It’s a pretty short game. It took me 2 or 3 days to do one play through. I started playing LA Noire but not enough to have much of an opinion of it yet.

  3. Agent Q on

    To get it or not to get it? That’s the question…I’ve always been a Nintendo person, so that’s probably not going to change anytime soon. Of course, if I get my own condo, I may consider getting it. I don’t know much about FF, other than the fact that a lot of my gamer friends love Final Fantasy, but I’m not surprised by the fact that the graphics are good. :) I prefer reverse harem games because I marvel at those bishonen. Too bad, I could only think of one: Hakuoki – Demon of the Fleeting Blossoms [or something like that]. Do you know of any other Otome games in English? I would LOVE to get my hands on those games. >.<

  4. Yodeling Pickle on

    I have a backlog of PS3 games I haven’t touched yet or are barely into, one of which is FFXIII. I played Yakuza 3 a month ago and when I went to load my latest save, noticed the last save was from over a year ago. This must be a sign of me getting old, losing interest in things that I cherished in my youth. Don’t mind me, I have to get back to my front porch to yell at the neighborhood kids for no reason at all.

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