Fanfictions Are Not Horrible

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I discovered Kindle Worlds last night. I already mentioned on my LJ about how I think it’s not a great idea, and how fanfictions should remain non-profit.

One of my friends shared this blog post, and I read through some of the comments, and I stopped when I read a comment saying that all fanfictions are bad, no exceptions. Huh. I admit, I may be biased, but as a long time fanfic reader (over ten years, holy crap!), I have read my share of horribly written fics, but I’ve also read many fantastic ones. The ones that I find to be better than the original stories, the ones that leaves me aching for more, the ones that stay with for years . . . these are the stories that make fanfics worth reading. Yes, I have to sift through many bad ones before I get the good ones, but when I do find that good fic, it’s just worth it. All those days and nights spent reading something that are the length of a Russian novels are not something I regret at all.

So to say that all fanfictions are bad — NO. It is like saying everything on is bad. Yes, there are a pile of stories I’d not touch with any length poles, but there are hidden gems there, too. And I love it when I stumble upon them or when I find them because of other fans recommendations.


  1. Ooh I know a lot about bad fanfiction, I wrote some of them…oh middle school. Lol. But I do admit, there are some truly talented writers on there. And I think it’s a good growing grounds for both reader and writers to learn and appreciate good writing.

  2. Sounds like that was a naive idiots troll comment. lol
    I really like fanfiction. There is a lot of bad ones but you can find some real gems that make you with the story was actually like that, haha.

  3. Agent Q on

    I agree that there are a lot of bad ones out there, which makes stumbling upon good ones all the more worthwhile. I’m actually on the fence regarding this whole commodification of fanfictions. After all, we already see fan-manga/doujinshi being put on sale as well as free distribution. On that note, fanfic authors should have the right to self-publish at least. Then again, key world on SELF-publishing. Of course, to help themselves get their names out there, paying a bit of commission to Amazon would make sense. After authors get enough exposure, they could then publish their own works, I think. Again, I’m unsure where I stand here. I just felt like sharing my thoughts. :P

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