Semi-Summer Break

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It’s been ages since I’ve last blogged here! I blame the evil combination of school+work and the lack of motivation to blog. I do miss blogging, and now with my summer semester ending yesterday, perhaps I can start blogging a bit more. Two whole months of no school . . . I am so psyched! Since 2011, the longest break I’ve had between semester was one month, but this time it’s two months. I am so stoked.

Too bad I have to work, though. Would be nice to have a real vacation for once, where I do not have school-work looming over me. But man, without assignments and research projects in my agenda, I feel so free. I intend to use my free times for a lot of my hobbies and to meet up with friends more. Whoo hoo!


  1. Ahh I know too well have what you’re talking about. It’s hard to make time for blogging, but that’s my new goal this summer is to get back into the habit of blogging regularly again.

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