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I was surfing through Raptr, and I saw a post asking community members their top ten video games that have defined their past. That got me to think about my own list. I came up with a lot of video games, but after much contemplation, I narrowed mine down to five. These five games do define my gaming preferences, but not to the full extent. They are also on here for nostalgic reasons, too.

1. Pac-Man — I admit, I am not a big fan of this game. I always start panicking when those things start chasing after me. Regardless, this is the first video game I remember playing at the bowling alley. Back then, the bowling alley had a lot of arcade games, and I vividly remember playing this when I was five. I practically grew up in the bowling alley (because my parents and I were active bowlers), so along with Pac-Man, I grew up playing Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, and pinball machines. Those days of wasting quarters bring back so many memories.

2. Phantasy Star IV — This Sega Genesis game was the very first RPG introduced to me in fourth grade. My best friend had this, and I watched her play. I remember falling in love with handsome Rune. My best friend told me about Wren and Demi, telling me that they weren’t humans, which surprised me. Back then, I did not know the plot or what an RPG was, but Rune made a lasting impression on me to where I eagerly sought out this title when I got into video games later on. Even today, this game holds a very special place in my heart!

3. Oregon Trail — Before I had any sort of game consoles, arcade and PC gaming were what I was used to until fifth grade, which was when I finally got a GameBoy and a Super Nintendo. But even after I got those two systems, I still played a lot on the PC, and one of the games that I adored to death was the PC version of Oregon Trail. I first played the Apple’s version, but I could never hunt properly in that game. Needless to say, when the PC version came out with a user-friendly hunting game, I became addicted to it.

4. Chrono Trigger — While I credit Phantasy Star IV for being the first RPG I was introduced to, I credit Chrono Trigger for being the RPG that made me become a fan of RPGs. For me, this game had it all — good music, characters, plot, battle system, and time travelling. The group of friends I hung out with in junior high introduced me to this game, and I am forever grateful they did. Otherwise, I would have completely missed out on this gem.

5. Suikoden II — The same group who introduced me to Chrono Trigger also introduced Suikoden I to me. I love the first game of the series, but the second game is what really cemented me to be a big fan. This game is one of the most heart-breaking game I ever played, and even now when playing, I become quite emotional. Let me also add the fact that this is the only series I have beaten. I have yet to beat a single Final Fantasy game, but it was always a priority of mine to beat a Suikoden game.

If I ever decide to expand the list, I’d also include Gyakuten Saiban and couple of other games, but those games came to me when I was older, in my 20s. But these five games are the games that have impacted me when I was younger. Not only have they influenced me to be a gamer today, but they also illustrate my gaming preference and style.

Fellow readers/bloggers, if you are a gamer, what games would go on your list?


  1. Hm… for me, it’d be Tetris on NES, which introduced me to puzzle games and just gaming in general. I got a NES after that, and I have fond memories of a lot of NES games. Though not “old”, the Mass Effect series gave me all kinds of feels that I hadn’t experienced before in a game. Plus, it was a different kind of RPG that I ended up loving (same way that Dragon Age: Origins works really). Ocarina of Time on N64 is another one that influenced my gaming preferences, and City of Heroes was my intro into MMOs XD;;

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