Sakura the 3DS XL

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Pink Nintendo 3DS XL

Everyone, meet my new Nintendo 3DS XL named Sakura. This baby almost didn’t make it to me because my dad accidentally left it on top of the car O_O; I’m very, very glad nobody took this package!

Oh, and for those who do not me well — I am not a fan of pink. In fact, I usually avoid anything in pink, orange, red, and so forth so on, but I actually like this shade, and I really didn’t like the other colour choices of blue and red, so pink it is.

Now with Sakura in my possession, I can finally play Tales of the Abyss and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy!


  1. Hello Sakura! I’m glad no one nicked her despite your dad’s forgetfulness!

    I am not a fan of pink myself but I can understand that colours – even the best colours – have ugly shades, so I don’t blame you for picking the pink. xD I can’t tell you how picky I am with shades of my favourite colour (red).

  2. Congrats on the XL!! Did you have the normal 3DS already and upgraded or is this your first 3DS? I took the teal normal 3DS because I didn’t really like the blue or red. The pink is a great choice but I missed out the first time around ;o;!!!!!

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