2012 Review

This post is old, so what you see here may not reflect my current opinion and mindset, certain information may be outdated, and links may be broken.

Hello 2013 and farewell 2012! I can’t believe it’s already 2013. That means it’s been 10 years since I’ve graduated from high school, and it also means I am getting closer to my 30s. Time really is going by fast — in fact, too fast! I feel like I’ve been attached to many computers this year, thanks to grad school, so while time flew, I was too busy doing all these school (and work) stuff to really enjoy this year.

Despite my feelings, I’ve looked back upon what I’ve blogged about and I can see that I have done a lot more than I give myself credit. For one, I’ve certainly baked and cooked more this year to the point of expanding my repertoire. Another thing, I’ve maintained getting all As for my classes despite all the juggling I’ve done with my time, which includes switching workplaces and age groups — I went from working with kids in grades 6-12 to kids in grades 1-5.

It was a busy, but fulfilling year. I hope 2013 will be the same! Happy New Year, everyone!

* Met up with Eugene, one of my elementary school friends! We went to Craftworks Taphouse for the first time, and I learned it’s not a place I’ll return to!
* My friend Michelle knitted me a Ravenclaw scarf and got me some kitchen tools — a cookie dough scooper and a pastry blender.
* I discovered what an amazing thing my Kindle Touch was because of the fact I could carry fanfics on them!
* I finally received the all clear from my ENT doctor from the surgery I had in September 2011.
* I unknowingly attracted 12930238 Jedward fans because I had no idea Jedward was a musical duo.
* I went down to Daegu to visit Chon-unnie and came back with a second-hand smartphone. That made me give my iPod Touch to my cousin because I hate Apple that much.
* I turned 27 . . . ick!
* Capriccio — my MP3 rotation site — finally closed after more than a year of inactivity.
* Started my second semester of grad school.
* My winter vacation became a foodie vacation.
* I finished my income tax return.
* We had 2.5 inches of snow that made us close work early.
* Baking and Cooking Recap: Cream Cheese Brownies, Wheat and Rye Soda Bread, Double Chocolate Dream Mint Cookies, Pecan Scones, and Blueberry Scones.

* I had to deal with a very unpleasant individual regarding my post-graduate programme, but good luck came and helped me get away from that person.
* I got sucked into the evil thing of Cafe World, Words with Friends, and It Girl X_X;
* One of my classes proved to me that I can still BS while writing an essay or a paper. In fact, that paper got selected to showcase as an example for other students.
* I read the S series — a Japanese light novel series.
* I wrote a non-HP fanfic; it was a Suikoden 2 fanfic! This is relevant because this is the first fic I wrote since 2002 that wasn’t an HP fic!
* My best friend sent me Teaposy, and I entered the world of beautiful tea! I also invested in a water kettle.

* A cousin wanted my graphing calculator, so I gave that up to him, but my wonderful daddy got me a brand new one :D
* I screwed up on part of my income tax return, so I had to send in an amended form and finally got the extra moola.
* A Christmas card got missent to USS Carl Vinson, so it finally came to me in March.
* I worked at another lock-in and survived it — barely.
* Mafias and yakuzas took over my life for a while as I watched Goodfellas and re-watched other mobster films instead of concentrating on school-work!
* I made a birthday cake for my grandmother, and it was the first time I used a decorating bag to decorate a cake!
* I visited Bangsan Market for the first time.
* I did a lot of cooking with Guinness.
* I bought a hand mixer — a very good investment!
* I also chopped off about five inches of my hair.
* Baking and Cooking Recap: Oatmeal Cornbread, Red Velvet Cake, Chocolate Guinness Cupcakes, Guinness Beef Stew, and Grandmother’s Buttermilk Cornbread.

* I watched A Rebel With a Cause and fell in love with James Dean and Sal Mineo.
* I experienced a horrible medical procedure called ultrasound and was referred to an endocrinologist and a gastrologist.
* For one of my classes, I had to read do a book review on Sparks: How Parents Can Ignite the Hidden Strengths of Teenagers by Dr Peter Benson, and it was a great book to read.
* Grumpy’s clone came back to haunt me on one of the flea market pages on Facebook X_X;
* Thanks to the Internet, I got the UK editions of the Harry Potter e-books.
* I decided to another round of Teddy Fest.
* I found out my blood type after 27 years of not knowing. I’m a B.
* My grandmother was very sick . . . thought we were going to lose her then!
* Titanic sinking happened 100 years ago, so I ended up getting into the subject and even watched the 1997 film on 4D — my first time watching a 4D movie.
* I was told that I’d be transferred to a different branch within our organisation.
* Survived and got As on my classes for this semester!
* Decided on what gift to do for someone.
* Baking and Cooking Recap: Chilli Con Carne, Buttermilk Pudding, and Pot Roast.

* Started the month with unpleasant hospital visits.
* My mum showed me an old 500 yen note and a 10 won note. That made the historian in me happy.
* Because of the whole K-Pop Star thing, I realised why I avoid Korean entertainment.
* North Carolina’s Amendment One passes :(
* I did a one-week staycation before I transferred to my new workplace.
* Had a great day at my old high school and attended the annual Spring Concert.
* Invited a couple of food bloggers to go on base; only one came, and we had fun at the Navy Club.
* Did a gaming spree and beat the third Professor Layton game and Radiant Historia.
* Started on my third semester of grad school.
* I learned that MSU is not good about updating their textbook list requirement.
* I discovered and joined Pinterest.
* With the help of online friends, I created an LGBT video for class.
* Baking and Cooking Recap: Thai Yellow Curry.

* I had to submit my first credit card dispute.
* I learned that not everyone knows what fish and chips is . . .
* My right hand was subjected to arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome, and that led me to try and not be on the computer much since.
* Because of my awesome professor, I had the privilege of studying HP fanfics and their fans from an academic perspective for one assignment.
* I worked with Camp Adventure counsellors for the first time.
* I had a gathering with these Facebook ladies in Itaewon.
* With my friend Myka, she invited me to go see Kung in Hongdae. Then she spent the night, and we had a mini-tour in Seoul the next day.
* Baking and Cooking Recap: Cajun Chicken Pasta and Unusual Cajun Pasta Salad.

* I got the Star Wars Blu-rays, and I spent my Fourth of July watching them in Machete Order; thus started my new obssession.
* Tonsillitis came to haunt me :(
* Worked at my very frist field trip. It was very tiring.
* After another hospital visit, I went out with a former co-worker, and we both got pretty pissed, but we had a lot of fun!
* I got into Obi-Wan/Anakin and read a lot of fanfics with that pairing.
* My tonsillitis relapsed again. Ick!
* Band Momma pwned me into working for her for money, when I told her she didn’t need to pay me!
* I finished a paper in 14-hour. Procrastination sucks, but I still aced that paper, haha!
* Baking and Cooking Recap: Strawberry & Spinach Salad and Nutella & Greek Yoghurt Dip.

* I got the third Star Wars novelisation, and I learned that my dad has ADHD O_o;
* South Korea went through a bloody heat wave. That was not fun!
* I sent Michelle some gift cards, a wedding duck/figurine to Katy, and a Kindle to Beth.
* A copy of Titanic: Illustrated History came to me!
* I got my hair highlighted for a lot of money, and I learned that I may be slightly lactose intolerant.
* On my way to work, I got horribly drenched because of this monsoon downpour!
* It took my mum 14-hour to come back home from Gwangju because my uncle’s car broke down.
* I finished my semester and had a couple of weeks to recuperate and get ready for my next semester.
* I bought my dad a Blu-ray player for his birthday.
* MSU did not update their textbook listing, so I was unprepared again!
* Started my fourth semester of grad school.
* We had Typhoon Bolaven pay us a visit, and that gave us a typhoon day.
* I began my 5:00am shift — this will last until November.
* On the flipside, I began to volunteer for Band Momma again!
* I began to write in this letter book for Michelle.
* * Baking and Cooking Recap: Random Dessert Dish.

* School bogged me down this semester X_X;
* I had a hilarious situation happen at work involving kids asking me where babies come from.
* I bought Scentsy and got into them hard. Even attended my first Scentsy party!
* My credit card was involved in fraud, so I had to cancel and get a new one.
* I had to facilitate one class’ weekly discussion. That was not fun at all.
* Baking and Cooking Recap: Sweet Ginger Soba.

* I made candied spiced nuts for the first time to give as a gift to Band Momma, and those became a hit with everyone I gave to!
* I made my first home-made sugar scrub with coffee!
* I decided to hold my own online Scentsy party for a month.
* Visited Toy Alley in Dongdaemun for the first time. It is an awesome place!
* I started on a new sekrit project for my best friend.
* Baking and Cooking Recap: Broccoli and Corn Salad, Candied Spiced Nuts, Cocktail Sausages, and Nutella Brownie Cups.

* I almost had a heart attack thinking that my Harry Potter scarves were missing, but I found them, thankfully!
* I made this bath tea soak. I grinded the oatmeal in a coffee grinder — that took forever!
* President Obama beat Mitt Romney in the 2012 election!
* Tonsillitis visited me again, along with Bronchitis :(
* My online Scentsy party succeeded, giving me $60+ hostess credits and 3 half-priced items.
* My mum and I became addicted to Grace Adele products!
* Sent off all my holiday cards!
* Finished the letter book for Michelle.
* Baking and Cooking Recap: Buffalo Chicken Dip, Salsa Rice, Strawberry Oat Muffins, Banana Oat Muffins, Honey Castella, Chocolate Castella, Chocolate Chip Meringue Cookies, and Chocolate Meringue Cookies.

* I learned to never be a sodding webmaster for any classes again.
* My fourth semester of grad school ended.
* The mural situation at my former high school happened, and I even got quoted in the newspaper article!
* I sacrificed my health for school and work, so my tonsillitis and bronchitis relapsed on me again!
* Snow came to Korea!
* I finished my sekrit project for my best friend!
* I attended the last winter concert at my high school.
* South Korea elected their first female president.
* I spent a lot of times making home-made gifts for 90% of the people I gave gifts to.
* I re-played Time Hollow.
* I became addicted to Hakuouki, beat the PSP game, and even bought the anime DVDs.
* I finally watched the last two HP films.
* I paid off my student loans.
* I got a PS Vita for my Christmas/birthday present!
* Baking and Cooking Recap: Asian-Inspired Baked Fish and Potatoes and Easy Chocolate Fudge.


  1. It seems like your year had a whole lots of high lights and fun things! The days of the year just flew so fast, don’t you think so?

  2. Happy New Year! zomg, I hadn’t realized it’s been 10 years since I graduated high school too. Making me feel old here! Time really has flown by fast. Looks like you had a lot going on in 2012. I’m glad you got all As after juggling work and school!

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