Hakuouki: Shinsengumi Kitan


In the last few weeks, I have given up my soul to these six + five un-pictured characters from Hakuouki. Long story short, I went to Japan in October 2010, and Otome Road was doing a major publicity stunt on the second season of this series, a series I never heard of, but was still captivated by the bishounens. I left Japan with a lot of Hakuouki merchandises without knowing the series name. It wasn’t until in 2011 that I researched and found this series. By then, I learned that Aksys was going to release the video game in North America, and I eagerly bought it for my PSP in February 2012.

Now, ten months later, I finally played the otome visual novel, and I’ve become a die-hard Hakuouki fan. I even ordered the anime series on DVD and just finished watching them. I’m glad I watched the anime after I played the game because the anime, while a good addition to the franchise, would have been confusing otherwise. I love both, though. The plot, the characters, the history of the Shinsengumi (hugely fictionalised, but it has introduced me to them!), the whole Bakumatsu era . . . they were all engaging for me.

Playing the game and watching the anime have made me go through a very cathartic journey, but it is a journey I do not regret. Do I recommend this to others? The game, yes — the anime only after playing the game. The game is a visual novel, so it requires a lot of reading, so technically it is not a game, per se, but it is definitely more interactive than reading an actual novel.

Ah, getting involved with a series that has taken over my life . . . I’ve certainly ended 2012 with a bang!