Alabaster the Vita

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PS Vita

After months of debating and pondering between getting a PS Vita or a 3DS XL first, I asked my dad to get the PS Vita as a Christmas/birthday present. I went with the Vita because . . . well that was all the PX had. I didn’t see any 3DS XL, so I went with what was available, though I was going to get a 3DS XL first because my friend M. gifted me Tales of the Abyss for the 3DS XL.

So I got the Vita and named it Alabaster. I went to the Yongsan Electronics Market to get the case and stuff. I went to the same place that I got my PSP 3000 accessories. I love that bloke who runs his vendor. He cleans and puts everything on for me. Plus, the plastic case, the carrying case, and the screen protector stickers for the front and the back of the Vita were all 25,000 won (about $22 USD). I was expecting to pay more than that, so I was surprised that it was cheaper than I had estimated :D

Welp, now I will have fun figuring this new baby out! I can’t wait until I get Persona 4: Golden and Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward!


  1. Oooh my boyfriend got that game for Christmas. I didn’t even know about it and I usually follow closely to the Assassins Creed series. Well, I haven’t played AC3 yet but I will once I graduate and get a job. Then I can reward myself with video games. Is the story plot in AC3 Liberation relevant?

    • Ah . . . I have no clue? I have never played any of the AC games. I just got this bundle because it was cheaper than getting the system-only one, haha! I hope you’ll get a chance to play AC3 soon :) It’s not my kind of game, but I know a lot of people like that franchise.

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