Happy Home-Made Holidays!

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Holiday Fudge

Holiday Fudge! (recipe)

Holiday Nuts

Holiday Spiced Nuts! (recipe)

Holiday Scrubs

Holiday Sugar and Coffee Scrubs! (recipe)

Throughout this year, I had discovered how to make various little DIY gifts, so I decided to combine all what I knew to give them to people for the holidays this year. So the above things I made this year were gifted to various people. Despite the time crunch I found myself in, I really had fun doing this. So much easier and better than going out and buying gifts. Shopping for ingredients and supplies is far easier than shopping for like 10+ people!

All of the gifts above, the 46 holidays card I mailed off, 24 holiday goodie bags for the kids I work with, a letter book to M., and of course this gift . . . I ended up only buying gifts for two little kids and some coffee for my two male co-workers. Not bad, I say! Anyway, Happy Holidays! I hope you all have a good one!


  1. Oh my! These goodies look so delicious right now! I could jump through the computer screen and eat them! =)

    Have a great Christmas!

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