DIY Memory Book Project

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DIY Memory Book DIY Memory Book DIY Memory Book

Way back in October, I had shared a photo of my super sekrit project involving a lot of markers.

I finished it last Saturday, and it is on its way to my best friend in Guam via her mother. Aside from that Afghan I knitted for my dad last year, this is perhaps one of my most ambitious projects ever. See, I wanted to do a special present for her, a handmade present. I thought about sending her this friendship keepsake box, but I didn’t like how I couldn’t fully customise it, plus it just didn’t have the same OOMPH, I wanted. Then when I went to the PX to look around for ideas, I found a 96-picture 4×6 photo album, and then the idea hit me to chronologise our long friendship (we’ve been friends since 1991!) onto 4×6 index cards. The cover was designed with these Martha Stewart stickers I found at the PX, and the markers and pens were used to document the memories onto the index cards.

As you can see . . . I lack any kind of art skills. A preschooler can do better, I think! My illustrations are pretty . . . bad, but I TRIED. HAHAHA. Seriously, I labelled almost EVERYTHING I drew so she could see what they are instead of guessing with them. I am not proud of my art skills (and my handwriting), but I am pleased by the final product.

Even though I am pleased, I am left with this feeling of, “How the hell can I top this gift in the future?!” *sighs* I guess I better get my butt on that imaginary teleporter project.


  1. I think you did a good job! :D Yeah, there is that expectation later on down the line but I’m sure you’ll figure out something eventually.

  2. That’s absolutely incredible…and so much effort! More power to you.

    Don’t even worry about topping it, just sit back and enjoy how good that gift is :)

  3. This is such a gorgeous, precious gift! I’m also really proud of you for doing this. I can understand that you feel like you can’t top this gift… but I’m sure you can create something that is just as amazing.

    You’ve been friends for as long as I’ve been alive! That’s truly wonderful. Your drawings are super cute! I mean – they’re obviously not van Gogh, but they’re adorable and I know a lot of people in their twenties (me included LOL) whose artistic skills are limited to cute cartoons like that. Absolutely no shame at all.

  4. Congratulations on finishing that super “sekrit” project! Everything in the content looks really nice and cute. I hope your best friend will enjoy the neat gift you made. This present does look special and best of it all, it’s made by you! Regardless of it all, it’s creative and it’s the thought that counts. I’m sure you can think of something within the future that can top off this gift ;).

    I did have a busy week indeed… Which is one of the reasons why I’m so behind in returning comments +__+. It sucks when one person in the group is usually left doing all of the work. But hey, it develops skills.

    I have never heard of Hakuouki before. But that sounds interesting considering how you’re playing it again. I will enjoy playing Assassin’s Creed 3 :D!

    Take care and hope you will have a happy holiday!

  5. I really like it and I’m not even up close to it. I’m sure it looks even better in person and will be treasured. It’s a great idea, I may steal for one of my friends. I think your illustrations fit that type of gift perfectly!

  6. It looks cute and nice! Congrats on being able to finish it. Your friend is so lucky to have a really thoughtful friend like you.
    I really think handmade gifts are more precious than store-bought ones, either way, both should be cherished nonetheless.

    I lack art skills too, I suck at it very much. Compared to yours, I’m certainly not half as good! I actually find your drawings really adorable!

    Don’t worry about topping that gift off in the future, there are a lot more gift ideas which you can try, it doesn’t have to top that off, as long as you put your heart in it, I’m pretty sure your friend will appreciate it just as much.

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