Grace Adele Household

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Couple of posts ago, I wrote about the Grace Adele purse I got for my mum. Well, as you can see above, we now have three purses, four clutches, and several accessories. From left to right, they are:

– Black Lily-Rae with Hearts-Silver clip-on
– Purple Cora-zebra Jane with black Tassel Keyfob and Silver-Amulet clip-ons
– Teal Mary-Leigh with teal Zip Purselet
– In the middle: zebra Lou clutch
– Not pictured — teal, black, and zebra phone holders

The black Lily and the teal Mary combinations belong to my mum. The Lou clutch is also hers. I’m the proud owner of the purple Cora bag combination. Let’s just hope it holds up to my rough handling . . . I am pretty clumsy and can be quite careless, which is why I won’t ever work at a glass factory or something dealing with fragile merchandises.

Still, I can’t wait to start toting my Cora bag. It is so soft and pretty, and the zebra Jane really matches well. Grace Adele is great!


  1. I absolutely love these bags! Very nice!

    I love shopping for purses. I don’t buy new bags as often as I’d like due to financial reasons. But when I do go to the fashion stores, I drool over bags I see!

    • I love cross-body bags — I like to keep my hands-free, haha! But I do like looking at other types of bags :)

  2. They’re really nice! I’ve been into bags recently and it kind of reminds me of finding a specific brand I really like and now I have several bags and stuff from that specific brand I like. :) My favorite from your picture is the studded bag! :)

    • Just to let you know that the studded bag is actually not studded. The studs are a part of a clutch that can be slipped inside the front pocket :) What I like is that you can take the clutch out and go studless when you want to change the look of your bag! It’s a neat concept, I think!

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