Scentsy Hostess Rewards and Grace Adele Products

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Back in September, I got into Scentsy and bought a warmer. In October, I decided to try hosting an online Scentsy party for a month. I worried I wouldn’t be able to succeed, but I did, and I ended up qualifying for three 1/2 price items and had $60+ free credits. I bought the following:

* 3-pack Hand Soap
* 3-pack Hand Cream
* 3-pack Body Spray
* 3-pack Bath Tablets
* 6-pack Room Spray
* Buddy Holiday Special (Buy 1, Get 1 free)
* Luxurious Layers (Shower cream, body butter, and solid perfume set).

This normally would have cost me over $200 . . . but my rewards enabled me to get them for $92! Go me! And thank you to those who have supported my party! ♥

Along with Scentsy, I also got sucked into Grace Adele, the newest brand from the Scentsy Family that sells purses, clutches, and accessories. I ordered a teal Mary bag with a zebra Jane clutch, a black Rae clutch, a teal phone holder, and a teal purslet. These are great quality purses and clutches! I am not a purse fan by any mean, but I ordered it mostly for my mum, and she loves it! So looks like she got the purse, the phone holder, and the purslet, and I am stuck with the clutches!

Well, I did not do Black Friday this year, but Mail Monday got my household happy!


  1. That’s a lot of nifty stuff! I especially like the zebra clutch :D I’m a sucker for fun patterns.

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