Toy Alley in Dongdaemun

In all my years of living in Seoul, South Korea, I do not think I’ve ever ventured to Toy Alley in Dongdaemun. Well, I may have as a kid once, but that was without realising what that area was called. Either or, it is a place I have not been to where I can remember doing so. I learned today that Toy Alley is the most dangerous street in Seoul . . . if you’re a parent. For me, I felt like a kid again as I walked down that street and looked at all the toys, the costumes, and other knick-knacks. All I can say is that it is a good thing my dad never took me down there. I’d have driven him mad!

Getting to this alley is really easy. I took the Dongmyo Station route. Just ride to Dongmyo Station on Line 6 and then go out exit 6. Outside, go straight until you see a street to your right. Then just go down that street of paradise (or hell if you’re bringing kids, haha!).

This is a place I need to go back to and explore fully.