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I’ve got sucked into this thing called Scentsy the last few weeks. Originally, I checked into them because I thought it’d make a good gift for one of my former high school teachers, but then I saw that I could get a good bargain if I buy two warmers and six bars . . . so I chose one myself, the Cherry Blossoms warmer.

I am loving it! I love how these wickless, flameless “candles” work, and I love the smell :D My warmer is very pretty, though it’s not light blue like the Scentsy catalogue showed, but I do not mind. It’s still pretty! Oh, and I went to my first Scentsy party, and I got to sniff at all the scents. Not all of them suited my picky nose, but I did find some more new scents to order, so yay!


  1. I’m so excited for the cold weather to come. Then it’s scented candle time!!! Cherry blossoms sounds lovely.

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