Random Dessert Dish

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Several days ago, I discovered a wondrous thing called nata de coco — also known as coconut gel. These things are addicting. So yesterday, I decided to try mixing nata de coco with some blueberries and raspberries, creating what I now call “The Red, White, and Blue Fruit Salad”. Today, I decided to make another dish with nata de coco, this time with bananas, mandarin oranges, and almond milk.

It’s not bad. I like it. My only thing is, what shall I call this creation now. Hrm . . .

On a completely random note, tomorrow — August 15 — is Korea’s Liberation Day, and Aigoo-Chamna.Net’s 10th birthday! Yes, I’ve had this domain for ten years as of tomorrow! I wanted to do something special, but alas . . . that’s not happening! Still, though, it’s amazing how ten years have passed since I first got this domain, and eleven since I’ve started owning domains! So Happy 10th Birthday, Aigoo-Chamna!

Oh, I feel incredibly old now.