Star Wars Marathon

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Some people would say I had a really strange childhood. I grew up watching cartoons and animes like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Sailor Moon, I was a Walt Disney girl, and I was also the same child who’d watched Child Play 1 at the age of eight. Yet there are so many things I have missed out on, and one of them is Star Wars. I had seen various other stories and movies making references to Star Wars, but until 1999, I lived under a rock with this franchise. In 1999, with my friends, we all went and saw Star Wars Episode 1. I remember my friends all doing the pre-movie yakking, and their enthusiasm was catching. I also remembered being completely confused on how the original trilogy came out before what was supposedly the first episode. In the end, Episode 1 didn’t do anything for me other than giving me the sexy Ewan McGregor.

Same thing with Episode 2 when it came out in 2002. By the time that came around, I was a bit more familiar with Star Wars, but I was still clueless on many things. Once again, I went to the theatre to watch this, and I came out wondering just what the hell was going on and how someone like Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader. Then in 2004, this DVD set of the original trilogy came out, and I decided to get it. I did a marathon with that, and I ended up not liking the original trilogy AT ALL. Was it the old 1970s style? Was it because I didn’t like Luke Skywalker or Han Solo? Was it because I watched it too old? I don’t know. I do remember thinking it was rather boring. So boring that I decided to stay away from Star Wars and didn’t even bother to watch Episode 3 when it came out in 2005.

Now, eight years later, I decided to give the series another chance. I saw that Amazon was selling just the films on Blu-rays (no special features or anything), so I bought them, spending only about $30 for both sets since I had about $50 worth of gift certificate to spend, so I ended up getting them for a good deal. When I finally got them in my hands, I was going to watch them in sequential order (Episode 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) or in release order (Episode 4, 5, 6, 1, 2, 3). One of my friends, though, suggested the Machete Order.

I think this order is a winner. I did end up watching Episode 1 after watching the others. But just, whoah. This order was absolutely brilliant. The blog article about the Machete Order really goes into great details about why it works, and I agree with everything. In especially, I love how we start off with 4 and 5 with Luke’s story, continue with 2 and 3 with Anakin’s story, and then 6 just culminates everything. This breaks up all the back stories beautifully, and I love the parallelism of Luke and Anakin’s adventures, and I actually enjoyed splitting the “old” versus “new” up. It just really worked. I have a better respect for the series now, and I enjoyed it so much more compared to my past viewings!

Lastly, during my marathons, I came up with a list of observations and opinions:

  • I ended up liking Episode 3 the most. It had every awesome characters fighting (Obi-wan to Yoda to Mace to Palapatine), the whole thing on how Anakin becoming Darth Vader fascinated me, and that last battle with Obi-wan versus Anakin and Mace/Yoda versus Palpatine . . . just GUH.
  • I love Obi-wan, Yoda, and Mace so much. Especially Mace. Samuel L. Jackson and his BAMF purple light sabre = EPIC.
  • The female characters (Leia and Padme) did not drive me nuts. I liked how they kick butts compared to that horrid damsel from The Princess Bride.
  • I cannot fathom Boba Fett’s popularity . . . just, no. He did NOT do anything for me.
  • R2-D2 and C-3PO really stole the whole series for me!
  • Oh, and Chewie is such a lovable (and gigantic) furball!
  • After reading the TV Tropes entry on Star Wars, I’ve come to the conclusion that the Ewoks are the most dangerous creatures ever . . . yet they are so adorable and cuddly!
  • Luke Skywalker and his 1970s hairdo needs to disappear. Thank goodness he looked a bit better in Episode 6.
  • The dialogue that sprouted from Anakin’s mouth during the romance scene . . . MAJOR GAG. At least if I want bad love poems, I can go to him.
  • Order 66 and the final climax in Episode 6 brought womanly tears to my eyes.
  • Er, Jar Jar Binks was pretty annoying. Not as bad as some other characters I’ve encountered, but he is pretty aggravating. I can see why he’s not popular.
  • I still do not like Han Solo. However, I do appreciate his sense of humour.
  • The light sabre battles are just amazing. I want a light sabre now!
  • The special effects in the 4, 5, and 6 really didn’t age well . . .

Well, that was my marathon. That was what I did for my Fourth of July. I’d missed the fireworks, but the one in Episode 6 made it up for me. Now my Blu-rays are with my dad. He told me he’d like to watch them (he’d only seen Episode 4 and 5), so I suggested the Machete Order to him. Let’s see how he likes it!


  1. After seeing your Twitter post about the Machete Order I got so excited! I’m really happy to see that it worked out really well – it does make so much sense. As soon as I get the blu-rays (someday) I’m absolutely going to be trying this! I can’t wait!

  2. Michelle on

    I’ve never really liked Star Wars all that much growing up like you. It was way before my time so I sure missed it, but when I too, got the original trilogy on dvd, I watched it and fell in love.

    Honestly, I never thought of watching the Star Wars movies in those orders as I find the newest three pretty terrible, though I still enjoy the original trilogy from time to time.

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