A Radiant Gaming Spree

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So during my break from school and my one-week staycation, I ended up playing and beating two games. It feels good getting two games off my two-play list. Here are my spoiler-free mini-reviews.

Professor Layton and the Unwound Future
I really love Professor Layton. In the first trilogy, he proved to be one of the most unflappable character I’ve ever encountered. What I loved about him in this game was that we got to see more depth to him, more of his own history to see how he became the professor we all know and love. This was a good game to end the trilogy with and a good game to end the series for me. While I love Professor Layton, I cannot say the same for the !@#$ puzzles in the games, so I doubt I will play any of the future Layton games, except maybe that Phoenix Wright crossover one.

One last thing — Don Paolo is truly one of the most amusing antagonists I had the pleasure of knowing. I didn’t care for him in the first two games, but in this game, he completely won me over! :D

Radiant Historia
HOMG. I cannot believe this took me almost 40+ hours of gameplay to beat, but the game was so good. The plot was fantastic, the characters were interesting, and the gameplay was addicting. I really love the whole time travelling aspect of the game (even if it hurts my head!), and the shifting between the standard and alternate history. This little DS game packs A LOT in there! The graphics were so stunning, reminding me of my Chrono Trigger days, the music composed by Shimomura Yoko-san were great, and the plot — oh, the plot was just so deep. I love games that makes me think about the world and human society from a philosophical point of view.

Really, I just couldn’t stop playing the game. Radiant Historia is definitely recommended for all JRPG fans who loved such games as Chrono Trigger and other SNES RPGs.


  1. I have a couple of friends obsessed with Chrono Trigger – definitely don’t think it’s my kind of game. I’m not surprised by the 40+ hours though, unless it seemed like it shouldn’t have taken that long? :P I once clocked in 36 hours of gameplay on Dungeon Siege! :P

    • 40+ hours on any game signifies pure dedication (or obsession LOL). Then again, some games just do take that much longer to complete! I know I’ve clocked in like 80+ hours for some games!

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