Seoulful Thoughts

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I discovered the above video, a video that showcases the best of Seoul, South Korea. It’s an awe-inspiring video, reminding me why I’ll always love Seoul despite all of its flaws. I’ve lived in Seoul since the late 1980s, and I’ve seen and lived through many of its changes. Just seeing the changes in my own neighbourhood reminds me that Seoul is constantly evolving, constantly trying to better itself. Not to mention, everything has become expensive here, but given how Seoul did become one of the economic top dogs in Asia, it’s no wonder inflation is happening.

Money-matter aside, Seoul is a vibrant city, and this video shows it. All the lights, the tall skyscrapers, the cars and people hustling and bustling, the Han River, Namsan Tower, 63 Building — they are what I will always associate with my home city. If I ever move away from here, along with my own memories, this video will be my memento of Seoul.


  1. Seoul has gone a long way when it comes to the city evolving to today’s standards. With everything getting expensive, I wonder how much of a different gas prices are now compare to how it is in United States. Seoul is definitely one of the top leading cities in Asia (:

    Seoul looks really nice with the wonderful bridge and buildings :). I’m glad you’re proud of your city XD. It looks a lot more peaceful than Los Angeles. There’s a lot of tagging on the buildings in downtown :$.

    Take care ;D

    • I love Seoul :D It can get pretty crazy here, but it’s not as violent as a lot of the cities in the US, mostly because Korean laws prohibit ordinary citizens from owning guns — a very good thing, I think. I feel a lot safer here because of that.

  2. What a beautiful video! The imagery and the music – just absolutely stunning. I’ve only been to the airport in Seoul, but I would love to one day explore the city.

    • I hope you can come and explore Seoul one day! Let me know when you do so we can finally meet up! <3

  3. Michelle on

    That video does make Seoul look beautiful. I hope one day I can visit it.

    • Me, too! Seoul is really neat! :D It has its own problems and all, but there are a lot of good things, too :D

  4. Seoul must’ve changed so much in the past few decades! While where I live stays the same and my mom wonders why I’m sick of it. I was in Seoul last summer and only then I really understood why my brother is so adamant about living there. Where I live just can’t compare, not even New York City – my birthplace. I have been to Seoul twice in my life, once I can’t even remember, and I totally agree that it is the most beautiful city on earth. I’m gonna be there for a month this summer and I just CAN’T WAIT!

    I wish that one day I can live in Seoul but I just can’t seem to grasp the language no matter how hard I try. I suppose I can move to back New York City but it’s just not the same in comparison.

    But that is too bad you have no interest in fashion and you live in Seoul. I am gonna like bring empty suitcases just to load up with clothing on my trip this summer.

    • I hope your one month stay in Seoul is going well :) Now that monsoon season started, I am not enjoying the rain. Blehhhhhhh!

  5. I’m excited for camp (:! Thank you for the contrats (:! I had a lot of friends who went through APUSH and I don’t even know how that went. I don’t beleive in the AP system x__x. I can imagine that feeling- studying for a test, when it gives you a question you never learned about D:!

    Thank you for the luck (:. My spring concert went by well, except I squeaked during my solo .__.”!

    Take care(:

  6. Sunny on

    That is a really pretty video! <3 I've ALWAYS wanted visit Seoul. Everything about Korea draws me in… I love the fashion, the buildings, and even the people! (I'm a big kpop fan hehe :p) Through kpop, I've learned a lot about korean culture, too. You're so lucky to live in such a wonderful city! It's really exciting there too, isn't it? :)

    • I am not into Korean entertainment at all. I guess it’s because I live here, and I am bombarded by them, so I don’t bother LOL. Sad, I know.

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