What’s Your Spark?

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I had to do a book review for one of my classes. My friend Catherine suggested this book to me — Sparks: How Parents Can Ignite the Hidden Strengths of Teenagers. It’s a great book I recommend to anyone, especially parents. It’s a really easy read, and it’s a motivating book.

According to the author, Dr Benson, a spark is:

Hidden passion that comes from the gut and that can be anything to help kids get on a positive path where they believe they have a sense of purpose in the world. Sparks can be artistic, sporty, or helping other people out. For some teenagers, people — like their family — can be their spark. Sparks are more than just hobbies; sparks are what drive an individual to be passionate, something they can turn to when things become difficult in their life.

Some people find their spark when they are young, others discover it when they are in their adulthood. As adults who have children or who work with children, it’s imperative that we be their “spark champion” and encourage them to explore their spark.

Reading this book has made me question my own spark, and I think one of my sparks is this: I like giving things to people I care about. I want people I care about to be happy. When I know what a loved one likes, I keep that fact in my mind and try to surprise them by getting something they like. That’s how I roll :)

I know I also have some passion for my hobbies, but I think reading and writing will be the two biggest sparks from my huge list of hobbies!

What is your spark? Remember, it’s not just a hobby or a like. It’s this thing that makes you want to live. It can be something concrete or it can be abstract. It is something that is you.


  1. Vanessa on

    I wish someone gave that book to either of my parents.

    I know of a few young parents that could use that book.

    I also wish I knew what mine was.

    • Check the book out for yourself! That helped me differentiate my spark from my everyday hobbies and whatnot.

      And yeah, there are many parents out there who could benefit from this book. I already recommended this book to a few of my friends who have kids, so hopefully they will read it :)

  2. Sparks sounds like a book I’d definitely want to read in English class rather than… Something like the Glass Menagerie. It actually teaches us ‘teens’ that there’s more to life than hanging out with our significant others. I suppose this comes to an effect where everyone works differently, with different sparks in life.

    I love how you’re motivated by happiness! It’s an ultimate motivation rather than…. Money or something XD.

    I want to live because I’d like to achieve success one day. And with that said, it’s a never-ending game :P.

    A lot of people got more homework than me this spring break :X. Thankfully, I’m a senior so my classes are a tad bit easier. My spring breaks are usually boring, but I got some things working ;D.

    Good luck with your journey on getting that masters online :D! You can do it!

    Take care (:

    • Do check it out! I even recommend that book to youth and even adults with no kids because “spark” is a lifelong thing we all pursue :)

      And I have never read “The Glass Menagerie”, but it sounds like one of those stories/books I wouldn’t enjoy LOL. So yeah, I’d rather read a book on sparks than that! XD

  3. Michelle on

    Hmm..that sounds like an interesting kind of book though I’m not sure what my spark is.

    For me, it’s a bit harder to define. I think I just go on because I just do or maybe because I wanna live. I dunno.

    I might have to check out that book when I get the chance. I’m reading too many books at this moment. Lol

    • It’s a really easy book to read, so it will be a quick read if you ever get the chance to read it :)

  4. I don’t think I have any spark. I might have before but all my dreams were crushed at one point and I never really got back to the right track. I mean I’m not depressed or anything but if you ask me if there’s anything that makes me want to live, there isn’t. Maybe I’ll find a spark once I study something I’m interested in.

    As for the molla and aldah I think you’re probably right. At least I’m taking your word for it. I can’t speak Korean to save my life and I’ve never used the word before. My cousin was the one who translated it for me because it was a song name and I thought it was cute. He either wasn’t paying attention or did it purposely to take advantage of the fact I can’t speak Korean. I guess my dream of moving to Korea will never come true at this rate. Maybe I should give up and try to fit in USA but I just can’t. I much prefer how Koreans are obsessed with image, haha.

    • I know the language, so I am fairly sure of the word molla. I use it every day. :)

      But I do hope you find your spark one of these days. It’s good to have one and then keep it ^^

  5. Hii Tara!

    My spark is definitely in nutrition and skincare. When I know something that not other people know, I get this need to start something and let others know, and that is what I am currently trying to do. :)

    And I like the way you roll. ;)
    Thanks for the excerpt, it made me realize more where my path lies! <3

    • The excerpt is not from the book. I just redefined what a spark is after reading the book XD

      I’m glad you know what your spark is! I think for some it’s an easy thing to know, but for others, it takes self-discovery and time for them to be aware of their true spark. So huzzah for knowing yours! ^_^

  6. I wish my parents knew this without having to read the book. I wish they’d realize that these sparks are important as well. I don’t really know if there’s anything I’m totally passionate about… I know web design is one, it’s one that I absolutely love. Travelling and journeying and just adventure is probably another one of my sparks.

    I guess when things get difficult I listen to music or play music or read or write. In a way it’s like these are all hobbies but maybe it’s time to look at it in a different light. :)

    • I think we all have a lot of hobbies we adore and whatnot, but after reading this book, I believe that we all have that one spark that’s not just another hobby. A spark doesn’t even have to be a hobby. Your spark could be you wanting to help people. :D

      But yes, this book has made me look at things in a new light! I’m so glad I read it!

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