Mafia Interrupted

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I don’t announce this a lot, but I have this thing for mafia/yakuza entertainment. To be specific, I love mafia movies and I love yakuza plot/characters in animes and mangas. I don’t know what about that sub-culture/lifestyle that attracts me, but it does. I just love it all — their clothes, their language, the violence, the danger . . .

Okay, I admit, I don’t want to be involved in a shoot-out or something, but I still love them in entertainment!

I watched Goodfellas for the first time the other day. That film opened up a can of worms for me. Now I am craving for more mafia films, and I am especially craving to re-watch Once Upon a Time in America, the most epic gangster movie ever made in my opinion. I love The Godfather 1 and 2, but OUTA is like a thousand times more epic for me.

Unfortunately OUTA is like 230 minutes long (it’s like the Lord of the Rings film meets The Godfather LOL), and I have a book review I need to do that’s due on the 26 — a book review where I’ve yet to even read the book. But I am really wanting to watch the movie instead.

Hrm. I clearly do not know my priorities.