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All I want to do lately is to sleep. In the last week alone, I’ve been tired to the point where I ended up sleeping 12 hours or so by going to bed before midnight TWICE. Quite unusual for me, considering that my normal bedtime is usually 3am to 11am. Or some variation of that.

I know next week I’ll be snoozing real good since I am supposed to be working a 20-hour shift. That’s going to really mess me up, haha!

On a completely random note, I want to make shepherd’s pie . . . but I have these assignments I need to do. I find it amusing that I never get the urge to do schoolwork, but I get urges to do other stuff when I need to do schoolwork. I sure make things difficult for myself!


  1. You’re not the only one who wants to do nothing but sleep. I feel like I’m losing a lot of sleep lately (even though I haven’t). Though.. Sleeping in too much just makes you more tired than ever. But wow, sleeping at 3am is a mission :O!

    Get your assignments done first, and you can reward yourself to all of the shepherd’s pie you want :D! Unfortunate for me, I can’t eat pie (I usually get bloated with massive amounts of dough :X)

    I just spoiled myself to the best ways possible at vegas XD!

    Take care ;D

    • A shepherd/cottage pie is not a pie like apple pie. Look it up on Wikipedia, and you’ll be surprised. :)

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