Foodie Vacation

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These three photos pretty much summarises the last part of my winter vacation. With the exception of one place, I’ve been trying to be more adventurous in going to new places and trying out new food in my neighbourhood, Itaewon 2-dong aka Gyeongnidan (or Gyeongridan or Gyeonglidan) aka Noksapyeong area. Some of the places I frequent, and some are new places I decided to try. In January alone, I checked out:

  • The Bakers Table (first photo) ~ This new European-style Bakery opened recently here. They used to be part of another market, but they branched off to be on their own.
  • Buddhas Belly Takeaway (second photo) ~ I’ve been to this place previously for their fried rice, but I decided to try their pad thai. Not bad! I like how you get discount if you order takeaway there.
  • Chansbros ~ This place has the best coffee ever. I don’t know if it’s because of the bean or whatnot, but it is so rich and flavourful! This is so much better than Starbucks!
  • The Concorde ~ This is tiny bar, and their seats are uncomfortable. I do like their house white wine, though.
  • A Dream of Seed ~ This coffee shop that also sells food. Their yoghurt drinks are awesome.
  • Jesters ~ This place that sells Australian-style meat pies in Itaewon (this is the place that’s not right in my neighbourhood). It’s not bad, but not the best meat pies I’ve had.
  • Lazy Sue (first photo) ~ Has fantastic desserts. I am not a big fan of their cheesecake (the texture was strange and rubbery), but I do like their lemon pie and the black cake (chocolate cake) and their brownie!
  • Maloney’s Pub & Grill ~ Can’t say I’ve tried anything alcoholic there, but their burgers and chips and clam chowders were delicious! I only do not like their 10% VAT.
  • Noxa Lounge (third photo) ~ Okay, this isn’t a new place, but this is definitely the place I frequent the most in my area. I love how I can go in there and just relax with a cocktail. Their Italian dishes are great, and I love their English breakfast. Nommmmm. Plus I love the two owners :D.
  • Ojisang Hamburg Steak ~ Their hamburg steaks are soooo good. I also finally tried their minced pork cutlet lunch set, and that wasn’t too shabby.
  • Trevia Pizza di Roma ~ I love Pizza Peel in Itaewon, but I discovered Trevia in my area, and they got some awesome pizza and bread. And they sell single-serving pizzas! Hurrah for me!

Seriously, I love my neighbourhood. I love the fact that they have so many varied restaurants and bars and pubs here. I love how it’s so near my house that I can just go out for an hour or two and then come back home and do schoolwork (bleh) or other stuff. I really had a great vacation, and it was filled with so many great food!


  1. Yum! Now you’re making me hungry! That’s great that you are enjoying where you are and that there is so much good food around. I’m glad that you had a nice vacation!

  2. Ugh…this post is making me hungry which totally sucks as I haven’t been able to keep much down. :( You are so lucky that you have so many different places to eat near where you live. I’m stuck with the basic fast food, pizza, and Italian places…all of which I’ve eaten at a zillion times before. :(

    • Awww, I’m sorry XD;; I’m just lucky that I live in a neighbourhood that has so many great things. Not every neighbourhood in Seoul is like mine, so I am really lucky.

  3. Nommmmm! I love bakeries so much. They are such cute shops to visit and always have fantastic snacks and food.

    I love the area around my workplace because it’s like Chinatown – lots of Asian restaurants of many kinds and also little bakeries here and there. :D

    • Bakeries are awesome. The only problem is sometimes they are awful to the point where it’s almost better if I baked the things! Still, though, when it comes to bread, I’ll rely on bakeries. I don’t have the time or patience to bake my own bread LOL.

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