The Messy Workplace

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Fear my messy desk! On the left-hand side, you can see a roll of soft toilet paper (which acts as my Kleenex) teetering on a pile of holiday cards from last month. Behind it is my magnetic white board with “origamis” all over it. And yes, my keyboard is sandwiched in between the house phone and my cellphone (why I have them is beyond me since nobody calls!). Then there’s my mouse and the three (out of four) textbooks I’ve been snoozing over . . . and several other items that really shouldn’t belong on a desk.

Okay, I honestly don’t think my desk is that messy, but combine that with this chair I am using as a table for my other documents and stuff, and the bookcase off to the right-hand side that’s filled with more crap . . . welcome to my workplace!

The things I do when I take a break from my studies . . . Oh, what a lame life of an online grad school student.


  1. hey tara!

    no i havent received your email. which email did you send it to? i don’t use my hotmail email anymore. try this one instead “”.. it’s a temporary email for now.


  2. I’ve seen WAY messier desks. Believe me! :P

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