Aigoo Adventures: Daegu 2012

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Aigoo Adventures

I went on an overnight trip to Daegu, and I took pictures of three things . . . I could have taken more, but I am already behind on Tokyo trip stuff, so I really did not want to go through 100+ pictures, so I limited myself to just the pictures below.

This was my hotel room at Eldis Regent Hotel. Great location. It was near Banweoldang Station, the only station in Daegu that connects the two subway lines, and it near downtown. I like my room. The size was perfect. One problem. The website says two bottles of water and toothbrush/toothpaste/razor are part of the amenities. Nope. Only one bottle of water is free, and the other stuff was in this 3,000 won ($2.80) shower kit. But other than that, I still like this hotel. A bit pricey (90,000 won for one night), but worth the money.

This royal milk tea, cheesecake, and blackberry cheesecake were all great. And the price was fabulous! It was only 7,500 won ($7.30) for the entire thing. In Seoul, these three things would cost at least 15,000 won ($14.80), and it might not even taste good. But the place we had it was not only good, but also cheap! I am jealous of Daegu’s prices now!

Meet my new phone, San-san. This is the LG-LU3000 model, also known as LG Optimus Mach. I’ve been wanting a smartphone for a while now, and I got it in Daegu of all places. All the cellphone places I’ve been to in Seoul were not helpful with me, but the guy in Daegu was truly a magnificent soul. He spent three hours (hence why I named the phone San-san XD) calling people and getting people to deliver stuff for this phone. Thanks to him, I can now delete iTunes and QuickTime off Provo. NO MORE APPLE FOR ME!

As for the actual phone, I like it! So much better than my old phone, and again — NO MORE APPLE!!! Hurrah for Android!


  1. Cool photos! The bathroom looks nice :D
    I don’t like it when something is advertised a certain way, but it is not entirely the same :/
    That is cheap for the cakes and tea! Royal milk tea? that sounds interesting!

    Yay for having a new phone! Enjoy it! I keep hearing that Android phones are better… I may consider an Android phone…. I am so over my Blackberry!

    • Glad you like the photos!

      Android phones are very nice. I really like how I no longer have to carry a phone AND an iPod Touch separately!

  2. Whoa that bathtub looks so awesome!
    I could really go for that cheesecake and tea right now too.
    Your new phone looks awesome!
    I’m glad you had such a nice trip!

    • I agree that the bathtub is cool. I really think it was the cutest looking bathtub I’ve ever seen, so I had to take a picture of it! Actually, I really like the way they designed that entire bathroom, haha! ^^

  3. YES ANDROID! You rock Tara! :D

    I must say, I find it amusing when people photograph the toilet in their hotel room. It’s like a ridiculous thing to take a photo of, but everyone does it even when they’re people like me who say it’s a silly thing to do. :P I’m deeply amused, and I must say that’s a very majestic toilet.

    I got my smartphone (Samsung Galaxy Ace) from James, who bought it for me in Hong Kong. Things are so expensive in Australia…

    • Well, I take the picture of the bathroom to show that it’s . . . well clean and whatnot. Plus, I really did like their bathroom design (especially the tub), so I wanted to take pictures, haha.

      And hurrah for Android! So awesome :D

  4. Welcome back from your little overnight trip! I haven’t been to a hotel in YEARS! I can’t believe there’s one of those toilets that shoots water up :o. I remembered having some weird discussion about it in class once. It sucks that the site was misleading -__-! But hopefully it wasn’t that much of a big deal. The food looks delicious too :D! And congratulations on getting a new phone!

    I had a lot of trouble playing the clarinet at first. But I guess it’s just.. One of those little challenges. It’s because the reed is small. I can’t imagine playing a bassoon :P.

    Take care!

    • Yeah, I do not like those bidet! So weird, hahaha! I don’t ever use them after I tried it ONCE.

      And I like staying in hotels. It’s a treat for me :D I just can’t do it all the time, though LOL.

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