Slytherclaw Baker

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Back in December 2005, my friend Michelle had knitted me a Slytherin scarf, modelled after the third film style. This year, she knitted me a Ravenclaw one for my Christmas/birthday present. The Slytherin scarf is double-layered, so it’s great for freezing days. The Ravenclaw scarf is single-layered, so it will be great for not-so-cold days. I love it! I’ll always consider myself a Slytherin, but I know I am also a Ravenclaw in so many ways, so woot! Man, I’m such a Harry Potter nerd!

Michelle also bought for me a cookie dough scooper and a pastry blender! I’ve always wanted the scooper because I have this thing for such a thing (don’t ask), but I really wanted a pastry blender to help me make scones, so woot! So thanks to Michelle, I have two new baking tools to have fun with!

Oh, happy day!~


  1. Oooh how lovely! Her handmade scarfs look so nice! She definitely did a fantastic job on it.

    • She did! My friends who see my scarf cannot believe it was hand-made. They all thought it was store-bought LOL. :D

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