2011 Review

This post is old, so what you see here may not reflect my current opinion and mindset, certain information may be outdated, and links may be broken.

Well, 2011 was certainly busier for me compared to last year. With my surgery and grad school . . . yeah, it was busy. It’s amazing how much can happen in a year. I can tell you right now that 2012 will be a busier year for me! Still, I look forward to the new adventures that await me.

My year in review is basically a summary of what I blogged about during the year, so please do not think my memory is amazing. I actually have crap memory, but since I blog and whatnot, those entries help me recall all the events this year.

* Started off 2011 on a miserable note. Thanks, Mum, I love you, too.
* Got recced for the first time at Crack Broom!
* Met up with Brian — this former student — for an extremely late graduation dinner.
* Had to endure a last minute job interview — a group interview, bleh. I didn’t get the job.
* Was on a one-week vacation — my usual birthday vacation.
* Visited Chon-unnie in Sillim-dong, an area I never been to previously.
* Went to Camp Casey for the first time to visit Dongmi.
* Hung out with Yi-unnie as a late birthday celebration. Also chopped off 10cm of my hair and trimmed my fringe at a salon.
* Went to Daejeon to meet someone, which was really a waste of my time.
* Completed my income tax and Daddy gave me access to his bank account.
* Got my HP 1-6 Blu-ray boxset (for free!) and Dogma.
* Had some stupid Korean guard issues.
* Played and beat Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective.

* Had a lot of work frustration this month.
* Wrote for a couple fests here and there.
* Started my banking spree with the Double Chocolate Dream Cookies.
* Got my tax returns and a nice $400 bonus I didn’t calculate!
* Visited Incheon with my restaurant buddy!
* Attempted to quit smoking that month and failed.
* Daddy helped me find the hummus in the commissary.
* Made Almond Butter Cookies (aka Ghoraibi).
* Restaurant buddy offered to sell my cookies in his restaurant. Interesting job offer that I didn’t take!

* Ran into some baking problems and learned about how complicated butter is as an ingredient.
* Baked Red Velvet Cucpakes with Cream Cheese Frosting! Yum!
* Started to format my Tokyo Trip pictures.
* Got my first translation request on my Regulus Fest fic.
* Sendai Earthquake and Tsunami occurred, where I worried about all my friends in Japan!
* Started to use the iPod Daddy got me a few years ago and ran into some interesting problems where I discovered someone in Japan using my Gmail as their Apple ID. X_X;
* Did another job interview for a position at the hospital. Didn’t get it, of course.
* That same day of the interview, I worked at my first dance and lock-in combo. I have no idea how I survived.
* Slowly tried to figure out and understand my medical insurance, something I had for over two years and never used.
* Also began my quest to find a grad school programme that I’d be interested in.
* Got into playing Final Fantasy VII on my PlayStation 3!

* Visited my grandma as a birthday present. Ended up surprising everyone!
* Baked scones for the first time.
* Went to Severance Hospital to finally check up on my nose.
* The US Budget Crisis occurred where government jobs were uncertain. That was not fun.
* Discovered the joy of work politics. Bleh.
* Did my first CT Scan, which blew up my credit card.
* Was told that I had to have surgery on my sinus. Scheduled it for September.
* Received a tentative job offer for Osan which I accepted.
* Was told that we had to move out of our flat.

* Osama Bin Laden was captured and killed.
* Went through major packing hell and clean-up of my room.
* Stressed over the Osan job way too much.
* Discovered how pole dancing was an awesome talent! Yay for Matty Shields!
* Had a four-day mini-spring vacation.
* Ended up staying in our current flat. The move was cancelled.
* After one month of hell, I decided to turn down that Osan job.
* Went up to Camp Red Cloud for the first time to visit Chon-unnie. While she worked, I hunted edible weeds for my mum.

* Had an organisation day at work. Bleh!
* Watched Nodame Cantabile anime and live-action series and fell in love with Rachmaninoff and Beethoven’s “7th Symphony” and so many other classical music!
* Had the most randomest phone call ever. Someone called and asked me how to spell “lasagna”. That’s it.
* Found a grad school programme I finally could live with! But the admission process alone nearly killed me!
* Did another lock-in for work. Joy.
* Visited the gyno to have my lady problems looked at.
* Discovered I was allergic to raw apples.

* Had to work at this Fourth of July thing. It was the most unpleasant work experience ever.
* Found out that a friend of mine from high school had passed away.
* Got access to Google+.
* Found out what was causing my lady problems and was told of a solution.
* Highlighted my hair at the Dragon Hill Lodge salon for $160. Ouuuuuchie!
* Fell in love with Lord of the Rings all over again with my LotR Blu-ray boxset!
* Felt like a real long month.

* Got accepted into Michigan State University grad school programme of Youth Development!
* Signed up for Pottermore.
* Discovered that malware can come in the weirdest ways and that software like Malwarebytes are awesome!
* Mum found a phone, and I helped return the phone to its owner.
* Realised that my best friend and I have been friends for 20 years now!
* Spent six hours at the hospital to do pre-surgery stuff.
* Started the procedure to get a new passport.
* Gave Daddy a Kindle Keyboard for his birthday.
* Started my first semester of grad school.

* Played and Beat 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors.
* Got into Steam.
* Started playing Dragon Age: Origins and fell in love with Alistair!
* Went into the hospital for my surgery. Painful experience. Do not want or like!
* Quit smoking on September 8, 2011.
* Got into Pottermore as a Ravenclaw.
* Discovered that Final Fantasy Distant Worlds was coming back to Korea!
* Got my new passport and my new visa stamp.
* Met my college friend Bobby for the first time in years!
* Tried out Second Life and created Takimoto Chikao as my avatar there.
* Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was repealed!
* Started Bayer’s YAZ birth control pills.
* Finished a fic before sign-up has begun!

* Saw Paul Potts at a live concert! It was a wonderful performance.
* Did not enjoy my graduate school classes at all.
* Did a lot of fandom-related stuff this month.
* Discovered I was allergic to raw chestnuts. WTF.
* Went to Woo Tae Ha Skin Care Clinic to try and get rid of this pimple via injection.
* Decided to try out the laser hair removal at the clinic.
* Trimmed my fringe and lost 5cm of my hair.
* Accidentally bought the hardcover textbooks instead of paperback. Whoops!
* Went to the Distant Worlds II (Music from Final Fantasy) with Bobby. Fantastic!
* Got a new cellphone — Pearly the Phone!
* Sent 50 holiday cards to all over the world.
* Had way too much grad-school-related stress!

* Survived my first semester of grad school.
* Baked the Butterscotch Rum Pound Cake. Yum!
* Knitted and watched a lot of documentaries.
* Worked at my third lock-in this year. Except I had to leave early because I ended up with tonsillitis. Yech.
* Made Cinnamon Pecan Irish Soda Bread, Crazy Cake, Easy Chocolate Fudge, Cinnamon Sugar Coffee Cake, Almond Rice Pudding, and Mexican Meatloaf.
* Finished knitting Daddy’s afghan as his Christmas present!

* Played and beat To the Moon, an excellent PC adventure game.
* Made a Tex-Mex dinner for me and Daddy. Home-made Chicken Enchiladas, home-made Spanish Rice, and canned Refried Beans.
* Ordered a few Blu-rays that were on sale at Amazon.
* Bought a new domain name.
* Baked Boston Brown Bread Muffins.
* Had the busiest day where it involved me running all over Yongsan-gu! From giving presents to doing clinic-related stuff to meeting friends.
* Got a real copy of Suikoden II from Bobby!
* Received a notice from Navy Federal Credit Union that they’ve lowered my APR to 8.99% (from a whopping 17.99%) on my credit card!
* Made my first hummus.
* Cooked this Curried Ground Beef and Veggies dish.
* Received my first grades for grad school. Not happy with it.
* Baked Double Chocolate Dream Cookies with Almonds.
* Baked a lot this month to give away as gifts.
* Heard the news that Kim Jong-Il passed away.
* Bought an Amazon Kindle Touch (named Kiyoshi) as a Christmas present to myself! Love it!
* Got a three-day weekend for Christmas! Almost had to work on Saturday, but decided to not work at the last minute.
* Started to re-read Animorphs on my Kindle.
* Baked Chocolate Amaretto Cake for the big Christmas gathering at my flat.
* Survived that gathering somehow.
* Bought four boxes (16 in each) of holiday cards for $22.40! Gotta love those post-Christmas sales.
* Sent Shannon’s package, which was full of mostly Korean snacks.
* Went on an impromptu New Year’s Eve trip to my grandmother’s place near Gwangju to surprise her :D
* Came back to Seoul the same night to celebrate New Year’s Eve in the city!