Chocolate Afghan

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This is the afghan I’ve knitted for my dad as a Christmas gift. I started this project in October 4, 2010 to give it to him for Christmas that year. I knitted this diligently for a couple of weeks but then I lost interest. I picked it up last month and finished it on November 30, 2011.

I used US size 8 circular needles and had 150 stitches. I decided to try the moss stitch. For the yarn, I used Red Heart Soft Yarn in chocolate. The finished afghan measured 40 inches by 32 inches.

I’m so glad I finished this project. My fingers, hands, and wrists were so happy at the end! I made a lot of mistakes with this afghan, which aggravated the perfectionist in me! Knitting really is not great for the perfectionist! I would like to make myself an afghan of my own one day. Except I’d use a lighter yarn colour LOL. Dark yarns are really hard to see . . . still, though, I’m glad I made this for my dad!


  1. Wow, you were working on this for suuuuch a long time. It’s a bit of a shame you lost interest but it’s lovely that you got back to it. I haven’t ever tried knitting but my boss (who’s male!) said it’s easy. I want to try crocheting though, since I’ve seen someone do it on a YouTube video and it didn’t seem that bad. I need to get with the lingo and stuff too. xD

    I’m a bit of a perfectionist especially with things I make by hand so when I first try knitting or crocheting I hope I don’t make mistakes. D:

    Hope your dad loves his gift. :)

    • Crocheting and I will never get along. My hands really cannot handle something that small. I have crap fine motor skills. XD;

      And Daddy loves it! He was thinking about buying a blanket, but now he has this :D

  2. Awesome! Hooray for finishing the project and I’m sure your dad loved it! I always have to finish projects when I start them or they bother me too. :P

    • Yeah! I am bothered by my unfinished projects, too, so I really try to finish them up. Though sometimes it takes me forever!

      He loved the gift, btw! Though I didn’t tell him I knitted it, but I’m sure he figured that out. XD;

  3. I love the color of the afghan because it definitely looks like chocolate! I had had big plans to knit a wide scarf/wrap for myself over break, but then I got like wayyyy caught up in other, Internetty things, so that’s on the back-burner for now. I haven’t even bought the yarn yet! I’ll probably get some yarn before I go back to uni and work on it once school starts, since knitting is very relaxing and right now I don’t need help relaxing, since I’m on holiday. :)

    Did your dad like the afghan? It’s too bad you lost interest before you were able to finish it for him last year, but at least you finished it eventually. I started crocheting a stuffed panda for my brother for his birthday two years ago, and I finished the whole thing in one day except for the panda’s legs and tail. I still to this day have not finished. Maybe one day… :/

    • He loves it :D And wow, a stuffed Panda? That’s actually neat! I hope you finish that up one day!

      And the afghan does look like chocolate! Mmmm. I am craving real chocolate now!

      Enjoy your break from uni!

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