Amazon Kindle Touch (Wi-Fi, Special Offers)

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Back in August this year, I had bought my dad an Amazon Kindle Keyboard (wi-fi). Since then, I’ve been really wanting my own Kindle, and when Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire and all those other stuff were announced, I had my eyes on the Kindle Touch. However, Amazon was only shipping within the US, so I wasn’t able to get one . . .

Until now! The wonderful PX was selling all three new Kindles, and they had the Kindle Touch for $99! Deciding that this would be a fantastic Christmas present to myself, I went ahead and bought it today. I christened my Kindle “Kiyoshi”. :D My verdict so far? I LOVE IT. The touch screen isn’t as responsive as the iPod Touch, but it does the job. I just want to be able to read books electronically! That way when I go somewhere, I don’t have to carry physical books (especially if they are heavy!). Also, I do like to go to coffee shops and whatnot, so when I go there, I can have Kiyoshi with me to keep me company.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some major book hunting to do!