Tex-Mex Dinner: Chicken Enchiladas

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I decided to try and make my own enchiladas and Spanish rice, two dishes I have never made before from scratch. I followed this recipe for the enchiladas and this recipe for the Spanish rice. I ended up just heating up a can of refried beans, haha! I’m glad I did because doing the enchiladas and the rice alone took so long!

It came out pretty good, though. However, the Spanish rice came out to be too much O_o; Next time I am decreasing that recipe by half! But yum! Now I can add another two recipes to my slow-growing cooking and baking repertoire!


  1. AH NOMMY! I usually just use enchilada kits to help me out… but my mum makes her own meat fillings for that most of the time. I don’t think I could cook anything from scratch without someone helping me. xD I’ve also never had Spanish rice, so maybe you should mail me some in a tupperware box! :P

    • You never had Spanish rice? *mails you some right away* :D :D :D

      Cooking from scratch is interesting . . . I’m used to cooking stuff that are already pre-made and I just have to nuke them, so I don’t do any seasoning or anything. Cooking from scratch requires seasoning! Otherwise the food comes out bleh. At least that’s what I’ve learned so far!

  2. Enchiladas ande spanish rice is DELICIOUS! I haven’t had enchiladas for more than a year now and spanish rice for more than a month :O! Spanish food rocks when it’s eaten once in a while :P!

    Hope you enjoyed preparing these delicious dinners :D!

    31 hours of no power is not as bad as what my cousin had, no power since wednesday night and it’s sunday morning! That’s more than 72 hours :O!! God bless the people with power! :P

    hitting at least 4 notes on the trumpet is still as good :P! Heck, I can’t hit as many notes as I can with the clarinet :(!

    Take care(:

    • 72+ hours? Oh, man, that’s crazy!

      And I enjoyed making that dinner, but I was exhausted afterwards! I dunno how people can do that — cook for like two or more hours everyday!

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